Monday 28 August 2017


I've made a new habit this year... each time I go on a holiday, I'll bring a physical book with me. I brought The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking when we visited Belgium (more fun HERE) and on my week long trip to Hungary and Slovenia, I got a book called 'goodbye, things' by Fumio Sasaki. I'm on page 177 as I type this. Both books are immense but goodbye things is my current favourite. It speaks so much to me and each paragraph paints a picture of my goal as a young adult. You see, I started blogging last 2011 and let's state the obvious - it is not as well celebrated compared to some blogs out there. But you know what? To me, that is okay. Once, I asked myself should I continue blogging or just fold up? Knowing that millennials are taught to abhor mediocrity and be the best whatever it takes, I went against the voice that says hit close account. I am happy with my decision. Even before the rise of minimalistic publications, I know that there's this 'thing' inside of me. One of the challenges I faced with beauty blogging (where I started) is that there's an unwritten rule that you have to try products and do a review for each. And if I'm honest, that does not sit well with me. I don't need 50 lipsticks and I'd rather hit pan with my bronzer because that's what I feel is right. I respect the diversity and if accumulating things like makeups make others happy, I'd encourage them to do what they feel is best for them.

In pursuit of everyday happiness...

That is why I am such a fan of coffee. Coffee to me does not mean a cup of caffeine, it's more than that. Coffee means deep conversations and boisterous laughs. It sometimes means intense exchange of views or a dose of inspiration. The same with travel. If you'll ask me whether I'll buy another designer bag or go see Copenhagen, Denmark over the weekend, I'll pick the latter without a second thought.

* I moved flats last May 2017. It was one of the big decisions I've had this year and I am thankful it all went well. I decided moving flats is the best time to discard the things I don't need. My general rule is simple: If I won't need it in the next six months, I don't need it. If I need it, I'll just buy it. A clean, breathing space is important to me because as a consultant, my day can sometimes be intense and I want to go home to a zen like sanctuary not an art gallery. Sofa is Gab's and the rest of the furnitures are from IKEA. This might surprise you but I don't own a TV. What I have is a mini projector and a speaker with Google Chromecast. I think it's genius (and takes up way less space).

Just recently, I'm discovering the joys of preparing a home made food. Media led us to believe that take-away food means sheer luxury but I don't see it that way especially for health reasons. Making your own food means you knowing what's in your fork. It's about spending your time peeling that garlic, hearing the splash of olive oil in a pan, smelling the aroma of your freshly prepared meal. All of these are a labour of love. If you'll tell me that you don't have time, I'll ask you nicely how much time do you spend staring at your phone screen. Sometimes, we need to make time for the things we deem as important.

*My flat has an open planned living room and kitchen. As you can see, there's a wood and copper theme going on in here. I got my trusty Nutribullet (my life has changed since 2014!) and I use fresh fruits as my kitchen decorations as well. There's an oven, dishwasher and washing machine on the other end. There are two non-negotiables for me in a flat: a dishwasher and a bath tub. 🙋 This flat ticks the boxes plus some more! PS: This is the book I'm talking about!

I'm not even sure if this is grammatically correct but my point is: read a physical book, bake, take a shower, chat with a flesh and blood human being... BE IN THE PRESENT. I remember when I was younger, I read Archie comics, do cross stitching, play games, make iced candy and stuff. Those are my happy childhood memories. Wouldn't it be terrible if our only yesteryears memory was us scrolling down our FB or instagram feeds? I think it takes a deliberate effort to do this. Tip: Procrastinate. If you feel that you want to check your FB again, tell yourself you'll do it but after you finish eating. In no time, you'll see yourself not too attached to your phone screen as much.

*Kitchen is my favourite part of the flat. It is so spacious and I feel like I'm a star of a cooking show even when all I'm doing is frying an egg with spinach on top. Teehee! I bought this alkaline pitcher from Amazon. The golden tray and marble coasters are from TK Maxx. 

It would be up to us how will we spend this currency called time. Unlike money, each of us has 24 hours a day. we can't have more of that even if we are Bill Gates. That said, we need to be aware that time is fleeting and we need to spend it wisely. I hope we'll go back and look at our lives one day saying:

  • we have done the things we wanted to do, 
  • with the person we love, 
  • with the life we have borrowed. 

*I'm not quite ready yet to share my entire bedroom and bathroom with you guys so please accept my apologies. As for my bedroom, I got this view of London each morning. Some few details: White vanity table from Amazon, copper alarm clock from M&S and perfumes are mostly from London Duty Free (full post HERE). -CMK



  1. I like how your place looks very fresh and neat. It looks like a place where a lot of work would be done because of less distraction and the feeling of being relaxed. I'd be waiting for the room tour next! :)


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