Sunday 3 September 2017


We just ate these avo mash goodies as I type this. The thing is, I have so many pictures of food on my phone and I thought it's a good idea to put them here on my blog little by little. I was strolling at Planet Organic at Tottenham Court Road after church when I saw this rye bread below. I've been incessantly searching for good source of carbs and I've heard so many good things about rye breads. I'm a bit skeptic about the texture but I decided to give it a try. When you buy this avo mash breads in London, you won't believe how expensive they are! I reckon, it's best to make it at home after all, the simpler ingredients, the better. For avo mash, I started of by mashing one avocado, dicing baby tomatoes, dashing salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. I then fried two eggs for protein and voila! It's filling and tasty.

As I am always hungry (fact!) I decided to stack up the following: Proper Corn (for movie nights!), Lentil Chips (oh, you guys should try this if it's within your reach) and Pulsin protein bars. These bars are much needed after our gym workouts. It's a hit and miss for me on protein bars, some of them taste like cardboard but not with Pulsin. My favourite flavours are mint choc chips and maple & peanut. The only downside is these products are pricier than the ones you get from conventional supermarkets.

I've been making these oatmeal cookies for a year but the effect is the same every single time. We can't wait for them to cool down because we want to inhale the whole batch! I used walnuts, two mashed bananas, oatmeal, rice flour, chia seeds diluted in water, almond butter and a wee bit of water for consistency. Baked them for 10 minutes-ish then  topped them with Green & Blacks milk chocolate.

Banana pancake is my go to comfort food especially on gloomy mornings (which happens pretty much every week in London). For this, I put one banana and two eggs into my nutribullet. I put a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract to taste. I put a dollop of coconut oil in my pan and pour the batter until small bubbles appear. I used a peanut butter powder, dissolved them in a wee bit of water until it forms the right texture. If you'll notice, these recipes are indulgent but it's not junkie. The more I cook from home, the more I appreciate the value of putting quality ingredients into my food. It also distracts me from my everyday hustle plus you can get creative. Bonus: You can eat your 'creative works!' 😍. -CMK


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