Thursday 22 February 2018


We all have our top picks no matter how many things we have. That's definitely true for lipsticks. I'm sure you've already seen 5,000 swatches on blogs and Youtube so I wouldn't add to the statistics. Here's a quick shout out on the lippies that I'm feeling lately: MAC Russian Red (the one I'm wearing down below), MAC Please Me, Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace, MAC Candy Yum Yum and MAC Mehr.

The newest in my tiny collection is Russian Red and I have to say it's been years and years of finding the perfect shade of red for me. The thing is, I feel I look older - as in grandma older - when I wear any shade of red (yes, including the iconic Ruby Woo that I ended up tossing it into the bin unfortunately). When I swiped this lipstick, it glided beautifully and indeed it was love at first swipe! Unlike retro matte, Russian Red is a matte finish so it's a joy to apply. You cannot go wrong with Please Me because it's a marriage between pink and brown I would say. 

Amazing Grace from Charlotte Tilbury is a sheer luxury for me. I'll be honest, it's not as nice as MAC lipsticks and it's more expensive. That being said though, it's a perfect coral-ish shade for me. Like reds, I'm picky on coral shades because very rarely it blends nicely on my olive skin. Candy Yum Yum is the oldest and I only dap it (very rarely I swipe this full on). It's an electric pink and needless to say it's a statement piece. Mehr for me is memorable because I got it whilst I was on a business trip. It was also my go to shade during my first years in London. You can never go wrong with Mehr  because you can build it up or dab it down plus since it's a matte formula, it lasts for ages!  -CMK 


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