Sunday 18 February 2018


Happy love month guys! Please remember that February is not only for lovers but more importantly, for yourself as well! Living in London allows you to explore cool places one weekend at a time. Today, instead of our usual coffee + gym routine, we decided to spend our Saturday doing something different. Like going to Covent Garden! This place is themed each month and I am so in love with the architecture and the vibe going on. They have Pret A Manger and Pho, which is a big plus because Gab and myself have this sticky feature in terms of coffee and food. On days we don't want to think about what to eat - it's nice to go back to our auto pilot choices. We have a baby squid and mushroom pho for lunch. For sweets, we shared a gelato from this place called Venchi. Oh boy! I have to say that it was really nice!

At Covent Garden, there's so many shops from luxury to high street ones. There's a fancy Apple shop too (tip: they offer some space for you to charge your iPhones and MacBooks).  Along the stretch of the garden, there's a huge market place with fashion, perfume and all sorts of interesting items! Since spring is slowly taking over (yay!!!!), I decided it's time to brave the winter-ish weather today and don a BAD BLOOD WINE MOTO JACKET from TOBI. Right at this moment, they're having a 60% off flash sale so if you're in the mood to update your wardrobe, head on and scroll over to their magazine-sque website! I love the material, it's velvety and cosy yet it lends a perfect bad girl vibe! I paired it with my Zara trousers and Geoxx waterproof coffee boots. Let's not forget my favourite bag from KNOMO that I've recently reviewed HERE.

I hope you'll enjoy the snap shots down below and if you ever get to London, make sure to visit Covent Garden. You won't regret it, I promise! -CMK


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