Thursday 2 February 2017


It's still a taboo for bloggers to be vocal on who designed their blogs. After all, the last thing you want is another blog with the exact same layout and font as you do! Sure there's a little tiny detail at the bottom of the page but to dedicate a whole post just for that? Unheard of. Then I thought... why not? Sharing is caring! So there I was one Tuesday night, incessantly looking for blog inspiration when I chanced upon one of my favourite Youtubers, Victoria of @inthefrow. Scrolled down at the bottom of her stunning blog then I found this site: Pipdig! Picture above is a snapshot of their website.

I quickly chose my top 3 blog templates and after I've decided which one is THE one, I paid £39.00 via paypal. Right after payment, you'll get an email with instructions (which are so easy to follow, btw) and within 30 minutes... a cleaner version of CallMeKristine is up! Some recos:

  • You can always customise your template further. Change the font, sizes, pictures. You name it!
  • Is it worth it? I made some quick computation and for me, it is indeed. I rarely change my layout and considering how easy and clean the templates are... I'm a happy customer.
  • Their support team is hands on. I sent them an email because my blog's mobile version has an oversized title and within 24 hours I got my answer.

I wouldn't lie. After more than 5 years of blogging, I sometimes feel it's time to wrap up and just close shop. After all, who really does read my blog? There's a plethora of blogs and youtubes now so what's the point? But then, it's hard to kill a passion.

If you're like me, looking for some pick-me-upper to ramp up your blogging game, then head on to pipdig now. I'm sure your eyes will sparkle and your creative juice will flow once again! Me? I'm actually listing some blogging ideas. It's highly probable that I'll be sitting in a coffee shop this weekend with my headset on and with a cup of soya vanilla latte (extra hot please!) -CMK


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