Thursday 22 December 2016


It's only 5 days to go before Christmas! Lately, I've discovered a cute pocket printer that changed the way I look at photos on my iPhone forever! I don't know if it's just me but I like to touch tangible things {not sure if I'm making any sense here} 😂 And this is true not only for pictures but for books as well. Case in point: I never finished any digital books as of yet. Articles, yes of course but books... somehow it's easier for me to get distracted.

Imagine a world where you can customise and print photos from your phone. 30 seconds then bam! Printer is tiny and stylish too. HP has it in white & rose gold combination! Some details:

The compact HP Sprocket Mobile Photo printer is pocket-sized at just 2 x 3” making it easy to carry anywhere. It fits easily into jacket or jeans pockets and handbags to let you create stickable durable water-resistant smudge-proof snapshots whenever the moment strikes. Source: Curry's PC World site

FYI: This is not a sponsored post. No coupon codes with my initials on it or anything like that. I just like buying things from Curry's because although their customer service is not perfect, I can feel that they're doing their best to provide their clients with good experience. Got mine for £99.00 but since it was Black Friday when I bought it, they offered a 10% discount from the site. I bought an extra pack of zink paper (£10.00 by 20's) as well.

So, how does it work? It's easy peasy! 1. Download the sprocket application. 2. Choose a photo from your camera. 3. Load the zink paper on the gadget. 4. Select print on the app. That's it! Trust me, it's not sprocket science {see what I did there?}. When you buy the gadget, it comes with free 10 pieces zink paper. The paper is on a sticker format so that's doubly nice!

The Good. I like that it's light and portable. The colour is on point too! It's easy to use and it delivers okay-ish photo. You can't expect a high resolution photo of course but it's good enough for its 2x3 size. The Bad. I can't think of anything really. Except that it's something that you don't really need in your life. It's a nice to have but if photo's not your thing, you'll be better off spending your £100 on something that you fancy.

Thoughts: I am happy to have this pocketful of sunshine in my bag. They're always running out of stock (be it Curry's, John Lewis or Amazon) so better stay tuned and grab one quickly if you must! -CMK

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