Saturday 11 February 2017


When you think about it, work occupies a huge pie of our life. Sure we have weekends and holidays, but most of our waking hours are being spent by this thing we call work. In a typical day, we break our 24 hours into 3 categories. We have 8 hours of sleep (if you're lucky), 8 hours of work and 8 hours of personal time (it may seem a lot but factor in commute, eating, etc. you get the drift). When you hate your job, it's like saying you hate 1/3 of your life.

  1. Corporate world can be unfair but that should not stop you from doing your best. Who says life is fair, anyway? Keep up the good work, your day will come.
  2. There are so many unrealistic expectations social media tell us about work. Can I just say this: Never compare your life to somebody else's. They maybe on their chapter 10 but you're still on your chapter 4. Stop beating yourself up. It will be okay.
  3. Deserve before you desire. Everyone wants a salary raise. Is everyone worth it? That's another question.
  4. Reliability is a BIG word. Especially if you're working from home. 
  5. We get so busy looking at other people's lives that we forget to appreciate a life right in front of us: our own.
  6. Find a happy place outside work. Go to that Zumba class, calligraphy session, running group. Anything! Just make sure it doesn't involve computer screens.
  7. It's so easy to love people who are humble. Don't toot your own trumpet.
  8. Open your mouth only if you have something useful to say. Otherwise, resist the urge. Empty cans strike the loudest. 
  9. Have a break every day. Set aside some few minutes to drink coffee, catch up with your loved ones or go for a short run. Little breaks may look uneventful but they can make a huge difference between giving up or going on.
  10. Should you stay or should you go? Toss a coin and while the coin is in the air, what do you really wish for? That's the answer.

If you're one of the lucky ones who found their perfect job, let me remind you: a good workplace is like an underwear, it's nice to have it but you don't have to show it off. -CMK

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  1. Thank you for these on point insights about work life! :)


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