Sunday 4 December 2016


December 3. It's the first weekend with Christmas in the air. Ahhh, I just can't enough of the thought that Christmas is coming and you can tell it by the lights and sounds. I was living and chillin' locally for two weeks straight and so I felt an urge to spend my weekend in Central London. Tottenham Court Road to be exact. Let me take you to a mini-tour on my whereabouts the past two days.

1. Lu-Ma Cafe. We usually have our weekend breakfast or lunch in the place. It becomes sort of a ritual for me and Gab to spend a good portion of the day catching up over a cup of almond cappuccino and a hearty meal. This time, I ordered for Delicious Eggs Florentine (2 organic eggs served on a bed of sautéed spinach and toasted sourdough bread with vegan hollandaise sauce). 

I can't get enough of the cafe's shabby chic vibe. Every corner is instagram worthy! They even have a stack of books for your reading pleasure. You'll frequently see both locals and tourists grabbing a bite or two. From their freshly made meals to sumptuous dessert, you'll fall in love with the place in no time. I particularly love their breakfast option but every once so often, I try their dessert selections as well.

2. Waterstones. There's something about the smell of a book that I can't get rid of. Call me old school but I still prefer a real book over a digital or audio ones. Case in point: I have never finished a book from a digital print. And I'm totally okay with that.

Waterstones bookstore has a special place in my heart because of too many mushy, good reasons 💕Sentimental value aside, there's something nice about most of Waterstones bookshops. That is, they have a cafe inside where you can browse and read your books. I got two new books which I am so excited to read. 1. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom and 2. 99 Things That Bring Me Joy.

3. Primark. Because, who says happiness and cute things should be expensive? We live in a world that's so hallucinated about brands. Sure, quality comes with a price but if you're buying fluffy slippers and little trinkets, I wouldn't break my piggy bank for that! Anyways, I had a full-on floor by floor ogling and shopping at Primark Tottenham Court Road. I bought Christmassy, winter-thingy kind of stuff.

4. Planet Organic. If you're following me on Instagram, you'll be aware that I'm developing this love affair on healthy cooking and a wee bit of baking. That said, I need my ingredient hub, and that to me is by the name of Planet Organic. I've spent a good amount of time there after church. My favourite is their vegetable lasagna (trust me, it doesn't taste like grass plus there's still cheese on top!) and chocolate brownie (sometimes if I want to be a goody, I replace this with their sweet potato brownie).

I had a little side trip to Sainsburys before heading back to Wimbledon. Quite uneventful, I know but I don't mind. I bought some fresh produce like onions, asparagus (boil and sprinkle with a little parmesan cheese!), salmon and spinach.

As you can see, it's not a full-on Christmas weekend but one thing's for sure... I still got the Christmas vibe on! I plan to see most friends this season and of course, to visit more places while I can! How's your weekend? -CMK


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