Friday 2 December 2016


It's happening guys! Here comes the days when I am in my cosy lounging robe by default, debating whether I should get up every morning or to snooze for 5 minutes more. All I want to do is to catch up on my favourite blogs, watch Netflix, bake some banana almond butter cookies and have a crazy, funny banter with Gab over a cup of tea (make that coffee for me!).

I am amazed by people who can get their creative juices flowing. Sometimes I feel frustrated because it seems that I am stuck in a blog plateau. Then I remember that a) this is not my main job, b) maintaining this blog should be a joy and not a burden; and c) there's a life outside the computer screen.

1. I want to get out and explore London after dark. At the same time, I want to be warm and have a long rest too. As you see, that's a big dilemma right there! Kidding aside, Christmas is such a big thing for me! I don't have any problem being a home buddy but come this season, I want to be out and about! 

2. I already planned our Christmas dinner with friends. We'll have it at Busaba Eathai at Kingston, overlooking River Thames. It's going to be fun! Then, I want to go to Southbank Centre Christmas Market and Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Finally, we've made some booking at Bath, England to experience the magical Christmas market!

3. Peace of mind is very expensive. Sh*t happens (sorry, that's such a harsh transition, isn't it? 😬). Fact. Lately, my patience is being tested with some few annoyances (from a pesky letting agent who seems to master the art of ignoring things to delayed deliveries... it's not all rainbows and sunshine, you know).

Then, I realised that if I just step back a bit. It's not all too bad. These blips are just tiny nuances to an otherwise, blessed happy life. The world will always try to take away our joy and it's a daily decision to let out a big SHHHH to our mind and focus on things that are worth-thinking.

4. Pictures above are taken at Oxford Circus (London's shopping capital!). The place is beaming with lights and it's beyond magical. I think I'm at the stage in my life where I don't need so many things. Sure, I like to still shop every now and then but I'm no longer crazy over it like before. I think it's a good thing.

5. Quality time comes out of quantity times. This resonates on me the past few weeks. I was looking for that special moment whenever I do my quiet time. What I fail to notice is that every moment is that moment. The same holds true with the rest of our relationships.

Okay folks! It's 9:00 pm as I type this and yes, I'm in my PJ's and cosy lounging robe. Enjoy your first Christmas weekend. 🎄-CMK


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