Tuesday 2 August 2016


Enjoy the little things, 
               for one day you may look back 
                              and realise they were the big things.

The day I moved to London is the day I get acquainted with being 'comfortably' independent. It is a process - don't get me wrong - but it is worth it. Suddenly, I need to do everything. No more people around me that I get accustomed with for the longest. And oh, when you are sick and you still need to do things regardless, that's the part that made me cry. It's a slow, sometimes daunting, path but I am sure that GOD allows us to go through different stages to a) strengthen us b) prepare us for something big and c) appreciate the things and people we have today.

Last weekend, we have visited the North. I can't think of a more apt title because we have covered {albeit quickly} Northwich, Chester, Chesire Oaks and Liverpool.

Quick coffee at Chester
From Northwich, we rode a bus (about £5.00) going to Chester. We planned to rent a car (like what we did on our North Wales trip) but we thought it's best to ride a public transportation this time. Chester is lovely and most shops in London are here too. It's quaint and picturesque and they've preserved the old country vibe even on the centre. I love that!

TIP: When  you can visit the Jaunty Goat Cafe. They have the best chicken caesar panini and their coffee is nice too! The best part is, prices in general are relatively cheaper up north. What's not to like about that?

Chilling at Northwich
The first picture above is our view on our way from Waitrose to the flat. It's sunny (hooray!) and I ended up having a weird sunburn on the lower part of my nose. I think it's time to go one shade darker on my foundation!

Okay... before I get side tracked some more, we ate at two yummy restaurants at Northwich. One is called The Indian (they serve ahh-mazing curries, you guys!) and a place called Chesire Bar & Grill. I literally told the boyfriend that we have to go back to the latter because the place and food are right up to my alley! Their turquoise bar is very sophisticated. Since we pigged out at Chesire Oaks, we decided to be kind to our tummies. I had a broccoli and steamed fish whilst Gab had a chicken breast and asparagus. This is definitely worth the visit!

Shopping at Chesire Oaks
This is a shopping haven! I am pretty sure I can't create a separate post on this but basically, I've shopped quite a bit when we visit the place. I've got the following: Ted Baker Bag, Reebok workout pants, DKNY Be Delicious {limited edition}, Lindt chocolates, Cross stylus pointer {very handy for winter}, The Body Shop moisturisers and leather bag from Fiorelli. I intend to shop some more but I realised a) there are still chances to go back here and b) we don't have a car this time :P

Tip: Visit Love Koffee for a coffee time break. I've had their pulled pork brioche (oh so nice!) and soya cappuccino. For our lunch, we went at Las Iguanas. For £25.00 you get 5 tapas and each tiny dish is a burst of flavour. Hay! I am now drooling as I type... what have I done?!

After that, we went to Liverpool by sheer accident. We made a boo boo of riding the bus the other way around! But you know what? That's fine. Sometimes life has a way of 'touring' you around :) We just made a humour out of the situation and ate a stone-baked pizza on one of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I got a duck hoisin pizza, don't judge... it's sumptuous, I promise!

By this time, we are pretty much knackered and so it's time to go home. Come Monday, I attended a body pump and zumba class one after another. It feels so good to get back on track but sometimes, a weekend chill is the best way to escape the city life. That's all for now. Hope you're having a good one! -CMK


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