Saturday 6 August 2016


Let me start with this: I haven't arrived just yet. I haven't shed ridiculously large amount of kilos and I am still in the process. You know, it's easy to publish 'the' success story where you can show off the before and after 'you' but yep, this is my current situation: I am still a work in progress. So if you are too, let me give you a virtual high five!

Since I was 18, I've been struggling to lose weight. Fad diets, diet pills {bad, I know}, on and off exercises, non-invasive solutions... name it, chances are I've tried it. Anything but liposuction because heck, I'm too afraid going under the knife for aesthetic purposes.

The thing is, I'm not humongous but I'm not fit either. One thing I know for sure is this: I can be leaner and remove excess fat hanging around, but I cannot get rid of them until I read and invested time about health and being kind to one's body. Allow me to summarise what I've known so far:

TIP #1: EDUCATE YOURSELF. Say whut?! Most tips will start on eat good food, etc. but drawing from my own experience... you need to understand personally the WHY behind all these. I've mentioned this before but let me repeat it: You only have one body... one heart, one pair of lungs etc. and that body will stay with you until you die. So... it's best to take care of it because there's just no spare :)

* I encourage you to watch FORK OVER KNIVES, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE (both of them are available in Netflix). Also, this VIDEO from Youtube might be a good start. Bottom line is: if we study to amass money, if we invest in a good relationship, it's equally important to set aside a part of your time to nurture one of God's greatest gifts to you: YOU.

TIP #2: Know that EATING IS A FORM OF SELF RESPECT. Before, I thought overly healthy people are a bunch of self-glorifying freaks. They don't eat this and that. Who doesn't like fried chicken and hamburgers, after all? However, the more I do my research on how to eat healthy, the more I understand them. And I have to say sorry because I was the freak and not them. Lol. Our body is a strong machine and it can heal itself but we need to feed it with the nutrition it needs. You can't run a gasoline-driven car with diesel right?

* Go over to blogs, pinterest and youtube for inspirations. I particularly like Ella of Deliciously Ella, Jess of JessBeautician and Olga of Fablunch, among others.

TIP #3: There are HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES. One of my challenges when I shifted to a healthier lifestyle is to answer this question: What can I eat now? Instead of dwelling on what you cannot eat, why not think of healthier options? 

Case in point: Dairy milk like cow's milk is not good for you {and this has been backed up by loads of studies, I leave it up to you} because when the milk is being sucked from a cow's breast, it doesn't analyse what is it that it's sucking. So in turn, all of this are getting sucked: pus (nana), antibiotic, the milk itself and other components. Studies show that even if it is pasteurised, bad elements can still be seen in a glass of milk. 

* Having said that, there are LOADS of better options. Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Macademia Milk. Again, we just have to do our research. You know what they say, when there's a will, there's a way!

Your food can be your daily dose of poison or medicine. You are ingesting food {whether good or bad} every day. Imagine if you take processed, chemically altered food everyday for 50 years, how will your body react? 

TIP #4: GET MOVING. Our body is designed to function most of the day. However, thanks to civilisation, the only body part that's highly exercised in my 8-hour workshift is my fingers {and probably my brain as well}! Point is: if we are sedentary for 8 hours and eat heaps of chocolates {which I love} and chicken curry and the likes... where will our body store all the excess fats? I can tell you mine decided to be a mainstay around my belly!!! :(

Again, I'm a self-confessed lazy bunny. I just love lulling around doing nothing. Unfortunately, nobody can help myself except me. After so many attempts, I finally found a gym that's right for me. I started off attending spinning classes and I tell you that it's not as daunting as it sounds. Later however, I noticed I'm beginning to get bored so my boyfriend suggested that we go to a gym together. Fitness4Less at Soutwark to be exact. 

One Saturday morning, we decided to attend a Power Bar class which was a struggle at first but I managed to finish it {albeit panting}! A little side note: So, my boyfriend was helping me setup the bars, steps etc. when a middle aged chick approached us and mistaken him to be the gym instructor! I was telling the tale to the office the Monday after and they were teasing me and asked if the snitch was still alive. Haha. Of course she is! That whole incident was just mighty #awkward :P

You wouldn't believe it. Now, I'm actually looking forward to go to the gym! I'm attending Fitness4Less at New Malden though since it's closest to Wimbledon. Class exercises work for me. I particularly love Power Bar, Zumba (shout out to my girl, Natalie!) and Body Art (it's more of a stretch session). 

*You need to balance these 3 things to maintain a healthy lifestyle: FOOD, EXERCISE and SLEEP. Without one, your body won't function as nicely as they can be.

TIP #5: START WHERE YOU ARE AND SLOWLY INTRODUCE 'TWEAKS' IN YOUR MEAL. I'm not here to tell you to 'unlike' all the food that you've craved for since forever. What I suggest is to try to sneak in crisp greens in  your meal. 

*I've shifted from rice to quinoa. I've also replaced sugar with honey. I bought a Nutribullet and make my version of mean green smoothie {spinach, cucumber, apple, orange and ginger}. I encourage you to make meals on your own. This way, you'll definitely know what's in the food that you're eating.

Lastly, let's ask for God's help. Proverbs 16:9 says "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.". I wish you all the best on your healthy journey. We can do it! -CMK

*The last 3 pictures are from Pinterest.

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