Tuesday 12 July 2016


Kensington Gardens. I'm such a happy bunny lately because London weather ranges around 15 to 23 degrees. Yeah, that's proper summer people! :) Seriously, even when everyone seems to moan about how bipolar fantastic the weather is... London is a wonderful place to thrive.

Recently, I've been reading my own blog posts (is that weird?). It dawned on me that there was a month last 2012 that I've written 13 articles?! Wow. I got lots of times in my hands back then. But you know what? I'll never trade it for the life I have today. My heart is bursting with thankfulness looking back in hindsight.

I miss jotting down some thoughts on my London diary series so here goes on what's keeping me busy lately.

I've moved to my new place at Wimbledon. It's 20 minutes away from work (by foot) and the size of my bedroom is about thrice than what I had before. If time warrants, I can give you a quick tour soon. There's a garden with roses, a nice vanity area and I bought some glass table and red sofa to spruce up the place. This change meant so much to me. It seems to me that life gets better and better each time.

Well, most of my friends are going back to Manila these days. I feel sad because I'll miss them but happy because I'm aware that not everyone was given a chance to have get-togethers in a foreign land. You know me, I'm not very good at goodbyes (see the pun?) but that's a fact of life. Click HERE for some retro-post.

Oh, if only I have the time and patience to chronicle my trips! But one has to work! :) The first two quarters of 2016, I've visited Plzen (Czech Republic), Paris (France), North Wales (UK) and Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). Let's not forget our mini-trips to London, which in my opinion, are equally cool! We're planning to visit (Vienna) Austria and (Budapest) Hungary soon, God's willing.

This month was such a mind boggling revelation for me in terms of lifestyle and food choices. Oh my daze! I thought I was eating healthy before but no, I could do better. I don't even know where to start talking about eating nice food and sharing my yummy recipes but who knows! My friends are teasing me that this blog has morphed from beauty to travel to finance and now... cooking platform. Why not? :D

Alrighty, that's it for now. Did I mention that the sun rises at 4:58 am and sets at 9:15 pm these days? Happy days! -CMK

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