Saturday 27 April 2013


Charlie's Angels Forever!

I vividly recall the first goodbye I've had in my entire life. It was when my mom needed to go abroad. I am chubby (even then) and I am wearing a white sando. Mommy's caressing my short hair and fat arms. Her eyes were swollen. I cupped her face in my hands and asked "Mommy, bakit ka umiiyak?" Instead of an answer I saw more tears. 3 hours after that conversation, I got the answer. Mom flew in a foreign land. I kept on shouting "Mommy asan ka na ba kasi?!" in our house, but there was no answer. For 2 straight years.

From that moment on, I knew it.
Goodbyes are difficult.

My alter ego is inclined to mimic the guy in 500 days of summer. That he doesn't want to get attached to anyone because everybody's bound to leave, one way or another. I am not here to say what's right or wrong. It's all your call. For me, a conscious awareness should always be there such that if you want to fight or treat someone badly, you will remember that someday, you will bid goodbye. So better yet to maximize happiness and minimize pain.

I got a news just recently and as much as I want to be strong and instantly shout "I'm happy for you! That is life and I wish you well."... I just CAN'T. Instead I felt a lump on my throat and three books thrown upon my chest. I am not good in goodbyes. But I'll try. To you my friend (you know who you are), this is half meant but at least I tried:

I am happy for you.
I wish you well.
You will surely be missed.
You know that we'll always be here for you.

To make things lighter, I can very well relate to this quote. 
Thank you for making fun of me {in a good way}!

We'll keep in touch. MANDATORY. Hahaha! -CMK



  1. Goodbyes are really hard to say. I can relate to this. Though not in this sense. My best friend since I was a kid passed away last April and the hardest part is it's days away from my birthday. So naturally, even if good byes are in order, I couldn't bring myself to do it because I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with her. But as the days passed by, I said my goodbyes to her, because I know that the Lord would take care of her :)

    1. Oh. This is so nice Louise. Thanks for sharing. Right, there's never a good time for goodbyes... but GOD is good. He'll hold our hand each step of the way :)

    2. True, that's is the one thing that keeps us going: knowing that God is always there for us :)


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