Friday 26 April 2013


Still in line with our Bangkok Adventure, here's the PART 2! I suggest that you take a peek of the PART 1 by clicking HERE. I love traveling! Likewise I love blogging about my travel destinations. One comment that I got came from a friend, she shared that she loves my blog specially my travel posts because it contains the whole information she needs like places, rates and tips. Simple comments like these mean sooo much to me. It inspires me to collate my pictures, put them into collage, lay it out on a blog post, enter the whole text then proof read it. Not that easy, huh? I agree. 

Travel posts are one of the posts that take some time to publish due to reasons stated above. I guess that's where PASSION comes into play. When you love doing something, it doesn't feel heavy.  

Picture on the left was taken on one of their famous parks. This was where we watched an elephant and crocodile show. Very informative and fun!

Satisfy your food craving 

I once thought that I'd enjoy Bangkok mainly because of shopping. Wrong. It's a gastronomical haven! Strawberries and barbequed chicken above was taken at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Mom and I went there as early as 10 am! Milk tea station and Pad Thai store were taken at the Platinum Mall. One of their famous malls in the city. It was only then that I appreciate Thai Milk Tea. I loved it! I could stay here for a day and eat all I want. Also, food prices in Bangkok are less costly than here in Manila. Say, their Pad Thai costs about 75 Baht (that translates to only 90 Php, but the servings are more than usual).

Shop your heart out
 This is the main reason why I want to set my foot at Bangkok. To my surprise, their average sizes for females are small to medium sizes! Gawk. Hello to my plump size. Story of my life, I sighed. Not giving up, we rummaged 3 places (Shibuya 19, Platinum and Chatuchak) in search of realistic sizes. Haha! Thank heavens we found what we're looking for. Picture above was with the lovely sales people from the sea of dress shops at Platinum Mall. These Bangkok Gold bracelets caught my eye and found myself buying a few. Bracelets were from Shibuya 19 Mall (click HERE).

♣ Tip: It's best to walk to and fro malls instead of taking tuktuks. Set aside an afternoon (so it's less hot) to do your shopping session. To maximize bargains, take advantage of their buy 1 take 1 and other promos. Finally, don't forget to compare prizes before shelling out your money. As with all travel destinations, they tend to UP the prize when tourists are buying.

Discover a cool coffee place

 I love coffee then. I love coffee now. I think it's one of the love affairs I'll never get tired of. Low maintenance. Always there to perk me up. Always cool and chilling. No undercover statement (swear!). Just a play with words. Moving on, in the midst of ghastly heat at Bangkok Floating Market port (place is called Damnoen Saduak) I shrieked when I saw this coffee shop! Clap clap indeed! 

My eyes lit up on their minimalist arrangement. And THEIR CAFE MOCHA is amazing! It has the right bitter sweet (not overpowering) medley. If only we were going back in the hotel after this trip, I might order another round. I tend to poops when I got a cafe overdose. Overall, the place is nice and cozy. Not air conditioned but windy enough. Their coffee left a mark on my palate.

Meet a familiar face

While shopping at the Floating Market port, mom noticed Ms. Kara David and her daughter, Julia. Julia was celebrating her 13th birthday, hence the trip. Ms. Kara was very nice and approachable. I literally had to make face to mom because she's carrying out a convo with Ms. Kara for a time that's longer than usual. All's well that ends well. If you'll notice, Haggardo Versoza ang peg ko dito. Ang INIT! I suddenly miss PH and whenever I'm about to get grumpy due to summer heat, I'll just recall how blessed we are with so many things.

Dine in at River City Buffet Dinner Cruise 

We availed of a 3-day tour package due to mom's prodding. She doesn't want to go back packing and so we settled and booked for a customized tour. This includes a river city cruise and Thai massage, among many. By 6 pm a shuttle a shuttle picked us up and went for a 1.50 hour drive. It's like a sun cruise setup, if you're familiar with it. Honestly, food are so-so. And you have to buy your drinks. Desserts are not that good (compared to sweets in Korea) but their Pad Thais and noodles are must-try.

What I enjoyed most is a picturesque view under the bright Bangkok moonlight. You'll also be serenaded by a band and tourists (mostly Koreans) are dancing their heart out on every song. A very nice merry-making gig to cap your day.




  1. Wish i had the luxury to travel anywhere and everywhere too.. Thailand seems fun and awesome :)

    1. Fun and awesome! True! But I doubt if I can stand the 48 degrees heat there during summer!

      Better to go there some time Nov - Dec :)

  2. Is the heat worse there than here though? Haha

  3. Is it nice here? :) I wanna go there after I graduate :D

  4. My dad went here last March, he loved it. I should've gone with him huhuhu

  5. Nice post! I'm planning to go to Thailand as well with my family this year. I'm so excited! By the way was your tour provided by your hotel or did you purchase it separately?

  6. My dad been to bangkok and he said the only thing i can do there is to shop and shop.. But when i ready this blog, makes me want to save up for foodtrips!!$-$-


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