Tuesday 4 August 2015


I kind of explained my whole hair situation over HERE so I won't ramble as much. Anyways, it's all about hair TLC over the past few weeks and as always, I want you to be with me as I sample one of the treatments by Tony and Jackey. I've tried their digiperm and hair colouring before (detailed review HERE) and I'd say they are one of my go-to salons for my hair dilemmas.

This happened one Tuesday whilst I was in the mall doing some important errands. I looked at my hair and they are super dry beyond words! It occurred to me that the last treatment I got was digiperm (bad, I know) and packing up hair treatment products won't be enough to bring back life to my dull hair.

That's it. I'm going to the nearest salon and have it treated. Timing that Tony & Jackey has a branch at my nearest SM mall so off I went. Hair treatment and hair cut costs Php 1,000 (this is not a sponsored post).

I love how relaxing the place can be. Tip: As much as possible, schedule you hair appointments during weekday mornings (again, if possible). This is because a) the place is less-crowded and b) your hairdresser has her attention all on you, more likely! I know salons can be rowdy on weekends and I hate that! I am usually availing hair treatments as part of my de-stress therapy and being in a 'market-like place' is simply counterproductive. So yeah, remember - avoid weekend hair bookings, if at all possible.

Moving on, here's a gist of the hair treatment: I got a nice shampoo and they lathered my hair with a treatment product. It was quite a nice experience After such, they put me under a hot oil machine (don't know the exact name) for like 30 minutes or so. While at it, they offered me a hot green tea or hot coffee. I opted for the former.  After such, I was guided by one of their assistants for another round of shampoo slash rinse.

The haircut is more like usual. Karen (I just hope that I remember her name right!) gave me a simple layered cut and trimmed my side bangs as well. Karen also supervised the whole hair treatment as I gather she's one of the senior stylists on this branch.

I expect the 'softness' to last for a couple more days but it turned out to be just after one wash :( That's my only wishful thought, to be honest.

The whole experience is pleasant, however, I think I'll still be on the lookout for a more suitable treatment for my hair. One that delivers what I wish for. That is, to bring life to my desert-like tress. Maybe that's asking for too much?! Let's see. I have availed another hair rejuvenating treatment soon, I'll keep you posted! -CMK

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