Monday 3 August 2015


I am digging champagne and nude colors lately! Truth be told, I'm not using eye shadows 24/7. In fact, that's the least product I have on my makeup stash. These days, though, defined and structured eyes tickled my fancy. I bought a couple of palettes just recently and all of them are within the nude range. However, I got our products for today because of one tiny story:

I was walking through SM Beauty Department store one Wednesday afternoon when a familiar face caught my attention! It's Miss Elsa! She was the one who trimmed (shaved) my brows way back 2009! It was so surreal! She asked how come she sees me quite rarely and I shared that I just came back from London. I just feel that I want to buy any product from her booth and voila! These 2 colours sealed the deal!

These are exactly the colours I am looking for! You know sometimes you're looking for a specific colour but it's not available so you have to settle with the closest representation? This is not the case! One look and I was like, YES! YES! YES! You're mine :D

Obviously the price point! Woot. Who can go wrong for Php 68 (less than £1.00) a pot? Product is buildable and can be used on its own or with other colours.

TIP: Best to apply an eyeshadow primer because a) it will make the colour much vivid and b) it will prolong the pigment on your lids. I usually use MAC Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base. It costs quite a lot for a primer but I tend to be forgiving on price issues when it comes to foundation and primers, so there! On my swatch and picture below though, I didn't use any primer (FYI).


A little extra: I'm a self-confessed novice on anything tight-lining! You can tell with the close-up picture above. Anyways, that won't be too obvious in real life, so I couldn't be bothered.

Without the aid of a primer, it last for a good 3-4 hours. After such, the product seems to wear off. You need to blend, blend, blend and blend some more to ensure there's no harsh lines specially on the crease. Next, it's too powdery for me. So much so that some particles fall of on my under eye.

TIP: To 'clean up' and make the under eye appear seamless, apply one coat of liquid concealer and set it with a buff of mattifying powder. Speaking of concealer, I'm cray-cray over COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER. In fact, as of press time, I'm trying to salvage what's left and I am doomed! :P

If you want to dip your feet in the world of eye shadows, you can't go wrong with these. Nichido is a Philippine brand so you'll support our local makeup industry with every purchase. They have serious colour selections, people! Walang sinabi ang 64-colours ng Crayola! :D Go check them out on Landmark and SM Beauty Department Stores! -CMK

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