Sunday 21 June 2015


Hi Loves! It's 7:56 am London time and boy, I am in the mood to blog today! Woot! This side of me comes by rarely, let's make the most of it! Right, so I was walking past Waterloo station to ride a Bakerloo underground tube when I saw a billboard saying: It is so easy, you can do it even while lying down (or something like that). It's Garnier! Garnier is a part of L'Oreal Group company, btw.

The banner intrigued me, but not yet to the point of buying the stuff right away.

However, I got some breakouts because of my yoga / pilates classes. You know when you get to lie down on a mat then forget about washing your face (out of fear of pasma?), so yes - that's when I recalled this pink and white bottle. 

What's Micellar water, anyway? My brain doesn't have the energy to splash scientific gobbledygooks in the morning so I'd say think of it as water that attracts oil and makeup substance, puts it on your cotton and voila, stuff leaves your face. Quite a kindergarten way of explaining things, but you get it! :)

I bought mine from Boots for £2.79 (about Php 300), not too bad for a 400 ml container, isn't it? It is indeed a no-brainer task. Pour a generous amount on a cotton pad, gently swipe it on your face, and gunks begone! It doesn't have a scent (which is a bit weird, it feels like it's only water, but it's water anyway?! sorry guys, I'm confusing you now).

Seriously though, it's my go-to makeup remover to date. I'm halfway through and I've been using this for months! You'll probably see there's virtually nothing on my cotton pad but I think it's because a) I do light to medium coverage, hence there's not much to remove in the first place and b) London weather is makeup and skin friendly. Place doesn't have too much pollutants, which is lovely!

While the product helps to remove impurities, I still recommend to complete your skin cleansing routine (wash + tone + moisturise). It doesn't remove the deep-seated dirt, 100%. To be fair, nothing beats cleansing wash and water to do such task. Another thing is it only comes with one gigantic size, would be nicer to have a junior version of some sort. 

Tip: Have a little bottle ready so that if you have to go to gym / travel / overnighter - you still have your cleansing potion with you! I sometimes pour them on wet wipes for more hydration. 

Beauty reviews say that it's comparable to popular makeup removers like Bioderma and Bifiesta, here's my reco:

I've tried a number of makeup removers and I'd say this one is not groundbreaking. However, I highly recommend this for three reasons. 1) It's super affordable. 2) It does its job well. 3) It's hypoallergenic. Here are some related reviews, if you like:

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