Tuesday 16 December 2014


However we call it, we all have a bucket list in life. We have that pile of the things we want to achieve someday. But do you know that "someday" is a dangerous word? Because it can be any day, and that's the challenge. I like the idea of a bucket list. And I usually break it down into different aspects of my life. Personal, Career, Financial and Spiritual.

Since 2014 only got some few weeks left (!) and another new year is for us to behold - I think this is the best time to create our own bucket list. Mind you that this post will obviously revolve around the personal finance aspect. If you're in your late 20's - I encourage you not to delay and think about these things even if you find it boring or for whatever reason. Why? Because we all need this! Or maybe not if you're an heiress or something. But you get my point :D

1. Invest in UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund)
Can I just reiterate that the minimum generally ranges from Php 5,000? An amount which most young professionals can afford. Be honest guys! :) If you need to save for it in a year - that would be Php 13.88 a day.

So, how does it work? Take a gander at our picture below. Investors are you and I. Fund Manager is your favorite bank (like BDO or PNB). Securities are stocks in Philippine Stocks Exchange (PSE). Returns are tubo or profits.

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2. Invest in Mutual Fund (MF)
This has the same logic as that of UITF's - only difference is fund managers for mutual funds is not a bank but an investment house. I'd understand if you won't feel comfortable to invest in mutual fund if you're a first timer but I'd like to call out that there are safe investment houses out there. Some of them are affiliated with longest-running banks (i.e. First Asset Metro, Inc. is an investment arm of Metrobank).

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Last bit is for someone who wants to know more about the market...

3. Invest in stocks (PSE)
You have the option to invest directly in stocks. You can do it by calling your broker (traditional) or opening an online stock account. Suffice to say that when you invested in UITF or MF, you are indirectly invested in stocks. Only difference is someone's (aka the fund manager) doing the thinking for you. I recommend this to someone who wants to get a feel of the market and for you to appreciate that growing your portfolio is not a walk in the park. This explains why I'm rebalancing my funds from direct stocks to UITF's. Haha :D
There you go, hope you find this helpful. Whatever way we put it, one thing remains: It will always be your choice. On to a financial literate YOU, Version 2.015! -CMK

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  1. Investing as early as possible should be a priority. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.


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