Sunday 14 December 2014


So I was browsing one of my favourite blogs and found out that MARSALA is 2015's colour of the year. Say whut?! I literally have to access trusty Wikipedia to find out that Marsala is a place, yes! It's a place in Italy where Marsala wine is produced. So we should be seeing more of red wine colour this 2015. Heads up that the pictures throughout this post came from Mr. Google's database.

Now on to my thoughts. Whew. Sporting anything of wine shade is a bit of a challenge for me. I just think it's not as radiant as red or pink in terms of makeups, or as neutral as brown and whites to be considered a classic, fashion-wise. Whatevs. As much as I'd like to say 'the heck with fashion forecast', I know that deep inside, I still want to ride the trend somehow.

This colour couldn't be more timely for me. It's all over London! I think maroon shade is one of the most mainstay in London fashion. It captures the city's heartbeat. Edgy but sophisticated. For now, incorporating Red Wine (or, yeah, Marsala) colour into my accessories can be a good start. This Zara's scarf is exhibit one. What about makeups?

Expect deep red hues on our beauty counters this year. I'd like to try a bubbly nail polish as a starter. Before bidding adieu to 2014, let's not forget the dainty colour of the year that was (click HERE). -CMK

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