Sunday 16 November 2014


I am literally in my leopard print pajamas whilst typing this. Too lazy to move, like I always am whenever I'm sad. As most of you know, I'm never good at goodbyes. I try to put up a straight face, but really, this is not my field of expertise. However, instead of sulking - I reckon it's best to just enumerate the good days and wish there'd be an encore soon.

At M&M's London
The visit was totally unplanned. It was raining a bit hard that day but that didn't stop these two bellas braving the pour and have our pictures taken {yet again}. After that, we went to British Museum with the rest of the team and as always, it's prancing and laughing with these guys!

At Miss Saigon Musical
I swear, I wouldn't have seen the musical without them {Hello Ross and Paul!}. The 3-hour play is something that everyone should make time to see at least once. I don't know, something stirred up in me when I watched the whole bit. Maybe gratitude, that we didn't have to be whores {for lack of better term} just to survive a war-torn daily living. Maybe romantic love, that people should never get tired to risk at love. Maybe motherly love, the way Kim showed her genuine sacrifice for Tam, her son. All I can say is - musical fan or not - you should give this thing a try.

Who, in their right mind, can ever get enough of that? Of course everybody loves sleep overs! Heheh. The entire 4 weeks have been pure fun! Late night talks, from shallow to ocean-deep topics, are something I'd definitely cherish. It's different when you have a close friend by your side. One that you know won't pass judgment on you. For that, I'm thankful that we have borrowed four happy Saturdays when all we do is chat the nights away.

Joke Times
And majority of these are courtesy of Paul! Most of the time, we're just mere audiences {aka taga-tawa lang kami}. The world needs more Pauls! Fun, dependable and super easy to get along with.

And then, that fateful Saturday came. I wore a green pullover while Ross wore a stripe+blazer number. Here comes our last picture for the year. With lump on my throat, I hugged them all and wished them a good journey. Thanks to Facebook, I knew straight away that they're at home in Manila now! I can't wait to see them again!

Fun times make goodbyes difficult. True. But I'd rather have both than none at all. -CMK

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