Wednesday 12 November 2014


November gets a little bit chilly for someone who's born and raised in a tropical country {that's me!}. Suddenly, I can no longer go outside without my new bare necessities: gloves! I noticed that my hands are becoming intolerant of the cold. On a lighter note, I do enjoy the layering {of clothes} part. No more sticky feeling and as I said on this POST, your makeup will last all through the day even without the aid of a primer.

Here's my first pre-winter OOTD for this season. I try to inject a pop of color as possible. I don't want to go all dark and be at par with the weather. I'm embracing lighter notes like whites and strong hues {like this blue jacket}. Details below:

Puffer Jacket {aka Down / Bubble Jacket} from Terranova
White Scarf from Primark
Denim Jeggings from H&M
Back Pack from Jansport
All-Star Chuck Taylor from Converse
Full Blooded in Gold from Swatch {Review HERE}

I noticed majority of the locals don a crisp neutral peg on their outer layer. Picture below proves that point. They said it's best to invest in quality warmer during winter for obvious reasons. Some dread winter but to me, I look at it as an experience and am taking it one chill at a time. Chill has never been this literal for me.

Here's another  swatch for you to check out. I know that the following are not wearable in any tropical place but just the same, it's nice to feast your eyes over fashion pages, isn't it? Numbers 2 and 4 are definitely on my list if I am in Manila now! 

What's your latest favorite fashion piece? -CMK

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