Friday 24 October 2014


It seems like yesterday when Heather, Maya, Apple and myself were eating at Wendy's... contemplating if we should attend our Psychology class... only to find out from the other block that the professor gave a surprise quiz (which was not a surprise to us anymore, thanks for the tip). Next thing we know was we're flashing the stairs and hallways to make it on time. There's another problem though... can I have a one whole sheet of yellow pad please?! Fun times. Fun times.

Fast forward 10 years after and here we are! I cannot believe it. Can I just say that I've been mistaken as 16 years old in London? I want to treat the guy who said that for lunch. But, nope, a big, sincere thank you is enough :D (Sorry for bringing this up, this will be the last, promise)

10 years is a decade. 120 months. 10 Christmases and New Years. 10 Birthdays too. To thrive and survive in a corporate world, people says you have to be like this and be like that. You have to act like this, not that. Really, now. Here are some one-liners I've learned from my own personal journey.

By knowing that everything does not depend on what I do and don't do takes a massive amount of pressure off my chest. Sure you have to be the best version of yourself but after you have done your part, just let it go. To bring it closer to home, after I graduated with honors and passed the CPA board exam, the 20-year old me thought that this is the end. I have arrived. News Flash: So wrong! Looking back, I'm fully convinced that there's a greater power orchestrating our lives (with our permission) and believe it or not, there's a loving GOD. More than anything, He's the One that we should talk, ask, vent, cry whenever we feel like it. It's not about me, maybe it's more about HIM.

I assure you 100% that there will be days that you want to quit and sleep your life away. This is a touchy topic since there are so many follow up questions relating to this. However, if you a) like at least 80% of what you're doing and b) happy with your working environment - get your arse off that bed and just show up for work. It's called work for a reason. Nuff said. Having friends in work will make showing up a lot easier.

Call it childish but this works wonder! Be it yoga, chocolates, coffee, your gorgeous crush, whatevs - have something to look forward to. Every. single. day. Not after a week nor after a month. Make it after every working day. Having a happy thought is a fuel that can make you last each day, get this: excited.
And I'm so not good at this. I'm the type of person who's so easy to please. But careful, when you feel that you are short changed in any way (i.e. compensation, schedule , arrangement, etc.) - bring this up to someone who can help you directly. No need to beat around the bush, say it straight forward, I'm sure the boss will appreciate your aptness. Just make sure that you've built a credible reputation and all that. Once you have that covered... chances are, the result will be positive. PS: Don't forget to pray about it first :)

And by that, I mean a life outside your computer monitor. Facebooking is not a social activity. Get a life outside of work. Do something entirely different. Meet real friends for a coffee. Spend quality time nourishing relationships and meeting new people. I know sometimes quarter life crisis / issues / domestic to-do's get in the way however, as an elderly said: Ang happiness, pinaglalaban yan. -CMK

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