Tuesday 28 October 2014


Hello Guys! I've promised most of my friends that I'll send them a heads up when this specific company goes public, and since you're all my virtual friends... here's a blog post for ya! Okay, to set proper expectations, you won't see extensive information on this post... one Google search and you can do that. However, for a starter here's a brief background on what SSI Group is about. Disclaimer: I do not own the picture below. I got this from the Investor Relations section of SSI website.

Personally, I think I'll invest in this company because of these two strong points:

1. They've got good products to offer. Have you noticed that Family Mart stores appear like mushrooms on a garden within Makati? This is only one of the many stores the group operates. Luxury brands, though far-fetched from commoners like us, are booming along with our economy. Having said that, it's good to take your positions as early as now.

2. The long term outlook is promising. Sure, we have no crystal ball but since my time horizon is quite long - I think investments on SSI will yield more returns compared to Time Deposits and Savings Account. We've proved that point long before in this post (SAVING VS INVESTING).

Trading of shares in the Philippine Stock Exchange will commence on November 5. Price per share is pegged at Php 12.50, initially. If you're planning to buy some shares - log on using your online stock broker (I use COL Financial) or contact your local stock broker. Before doing that, you should do a bit of research (your ears may be bleeding hearing this caveat over and over) and buy away! Anyway, Php 12.50 share price is not too much if we're honest. 

A cup of Starbucks coffee costs way above that! And oh, did you know that Rustan's group owns the Starbucks franchise in the Philippines? It's about time to get your feet wet in the stock market. Make small steps then start from there. -CMK



  1. Hi Kristine, I'm just a bit confused. It says in the news the price offer is P7.50 per share...

    1. Hello - based on this site: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/23/philippines-ipo-ssi-idUSP9N0QA00U20141023 - 12.50 is the maximum initial offer price :) So it's safe to say the price is between Php 7.50 to Php 12.50 / share. Hope this helps.


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