Tuesday 2 September 2014


I am trying so hard to resist this place whenever I pass by across BAYO at SM Mall of Asia, but one Sunday, the happy kid got the best of me. I gave in! And the unflattering shoulder shots on this picture didn't help. But, who cares? Ice cream is happiness!

Like Quiznos (Review HERE), the brand came from a foreign shore. Cold Stone Creamery is an American-based ice cream parlor chain. They have a wide array of ice cream choices, from sundaes, parfaits, and yes, ice cream cakes! Here are my reco's on this sweet shop.


+ Hooray Vibe!
I got there with my mom and dad. And when we're about to get our cups, guess what? We need to CATCH them by hand. You know my 2nd name, it's CLUMSY! O.0 But they insisted! With shouts and yells and pep talks from the staff, I said yes. So, I got to catch my cup, then came daddy's. I thought, wohoo - I am not clumsy after all. {insert LIKE A BOSS! face here}. However, you know what happened on the 2nd cup? You guessed. It fell flat and totally slipped from my so-ready-to catch hands! {facepalm}. No worries - they have replaced the 2nd cup. That's part of their come-on gimmicks. I enjoyed it. Plus the dance number of the staff, let's not forget that.

+ Flavorful Cups of Joy.
I like their ice cream's consistency. And when they say it's Peanut Butter, you'll never miss it. Same with coffee. And dark chocolate. It's such a comfort food. Perfect for family, friends, and ahem, romantic dates, if you like ;)


- Price Factor. 
IMHO - it's a bit overrated. There's nothing ground breaking on their ice cream so to charge for approx Php 150 a cup is not that ideal. Well, that's just me. I think part of what you'll pay really is the experience {and the tax levies perhaps, since it's a foreign brand?}. 

- Too Small A Space. 
It's too close for comfort and I have this feeling that after you ate your ice cream, you should go out. Since place is commonly jam packed {which is good} - the downside of it is you can't have a personal space even just for a bit because people come and go. Ideal for big groups but otherwise, you may want to explore a quieter ice cream parlor.

It's a good place to de-stress! I can see myself go back here just to experience their contagious vibe, but to be honest, I find their ice cream so-so. Anyways, you can always try for yourself. I find their ice cream cakes, intriguing though. Thoughts? -CMK


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