Monday 11 August 2014


Last July, I got an invite to talk about career choices by one of the good schools in the South. If you know me, I rarely decline these types of invitations because this is a perfect avenue whereby teenagers sit quietly and absorb {or at least try to} what you need to share about life and in this case, career. School has invited different professionals (accountants, engineers, lawyers, etc.) to give the students a glimpse of each career path. Here are some bolts and pieces that I've shared to the young ones.

There's no perfect career. To say there's one will set you up for disappointment. Truth is, there's no such thing. One has to look within your roster of strengths {and weaknesses} then decide. Once you do, put your mind and heart to it. It's always easy to start something; it's another thing to say: It is finished, your college course, that is. Also, look for something that you enjoy doing, and at the same time will earn you a decent salary. You have to strike a balance between the two.

It's not always about the school or your title. Okay, school matters. Every human resource personnel can attest to this. Specially in our country. However, this is not everything. And so is board examination. I'm sure accountancy students can very well relate to the all-time low passing percentage of CPA Board Examination just recently (19% passing rate). At the end of the day, it's about your attitude not some piece of paper that you're holding.

Money talks {and when it does, people listen}. I was dumbfounded when one of the students ask "How much do you earn?", haplessly. Teenagers these days! Yet, I appreciate her audacity. I gently shared that this is something that's confidential, but I gave them a ballpark figure. Let's admit it, we work to earn and companies know your worth. Lesson: Be the best that you can be, coupled with prayers, you will reap the rewards of your hard work. To balance things out, remember that still... the best things in life are those that money can never buy (health, good relationships, God, to name a few).

Life is not fair. GOD is. Every one has an opportunity to shine. But it's our duty to decipher if Mr. Opportunity comes knocking at our door. I sometimes hear people complain about this and that, but, guess what? Life is not fair. If it is, I wish to have Jessica Alba's body please :P Seriously, life does not owe you anything. You have to work your ass off and clock in some effort to master your chosen path. God has a plan for each of us, sometimes - we just have to have a pair of eyes that see and ears that hear.

The things I've shared are not ground breaking. It may be a cliche to some, but I think these are the words our 17-year old's need to hear while they're still on the cross road on choosing what path to take. -CMK


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