Thursday 14 August 2014


"When you know how to worry, then you know to pray." Those words are resonating on my head the past few days. It's a good reminder for everyone, knowing that there's Someone who's in control.

Anyways. One Saturday, I was strolling at my favorite hangout place when I spotted a familiar black and yellow pasta shop. I am not sure if I can call this a food review, since due to yours truly being on a diet - I've only ordered one full dish! However, you know me, I always share what I discovered in this blog. Let this be an addition.

It's a garlic based pasta with seafood (there's squid, halaan and tidbits of fish). I requested for a few splash of chili flakes and the result? A super yummy pasta dish! I didn't eat the garlic bread since I was so full but I finished the whole dish up! Price is a bit reasonable being a little over Php 200, noodles were al dente and in my opinion - it was all worth it. I'll be coming back to try their raviolis, that's for sure. To view a full list of their branches, pay them a visit HERE. -CMK.


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