Thursday 28 August 2014


Blogging is all about sharing, right? And since this is my current rave, I can't help but to share! I'm sure you've heard of Spotify one way or the other. And there's not much to share about it except some personal thoughts.

The HOW?
Download Spotify from the App Store {or its equivalent} for free. You can purchase Spotify Premium for Php 200+ a month. What's the difference from the free version? Premium is ad-free, has unlimited skips and can be played offline.

Okay, I'm not a tech expert so the fact that I get to play all my favorite songs per album, singer or genre makes me giddy! There's also a radio thing whereby you can play related songs in one go. I also find the Mood selection so funny. Songs you sing in the shower. Afternoon Tea Playlist. Things like that. My favorite of course is the playlist for any movie's soundtrack. 

A bit exagge, but most songs are here. Tagalog, Indie, Pop - name it. Spotify put a whole new meaning on my online music experience. Add to the fact that the interface feels so cool and intuitive. These are the moments I love being in this day and age. Teehee!

BEGIN AGAIN Playlist is love! I heart Adam Levine's songs here. Top picks are Lost Stars and No One Else Like You. Geez. -CMK

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