Thursday 24 July 2014


I know every Filipino can very well relate to the recent typhoon that came past our country (Rammasun, locally known as Typhoon Glenda, to be exact). Pardon the rather contrast introduction, however, this is the reason why yours truly opted to stay in a hotel alone for the first time! Speaking of first time, it was our first time to experience a 5-day straight power interruption in the south! Looking at the bright side of things, we had water all right, but no power supply and proper connection. Just the same, it was a super inconvenient week for us, but GOD is good, He made us appreciate our normal life more, specially for me, who's missing so many things and people these days {insert emo songs here}!

That Friday, I found myself awoke at 3:30 am in the morning, feeling grumpy and all. I knew it! I had to check-in a hotel to do away with all the stress. I searched the web (luckily, there's a tinge of signal from our veranda) and found a couple of hotels that suit my need. One of those is BSA Tower.

♣ Spacious Loft. Talk about massive space! I am surprised on how big the whole area is. It reminds me of my service apartment when I stayed at Prague, Czech Republic. Room has a dining room for 3, sofa and a big floor area that you can practice yoga or dance lessons inside! 

♣ Location. It's just across Greenbelt 5. Convenient for moi since I have to get my facial and laser session at Slimmers Makati (more scoops HERE) and meet my friends for dinner. Not entirely relevant but they have microwave and fridge inside too. It's really a serviced apartment and a hotel in one.

♣ Globe (LTE) has a strong signal there! They have their own wifi but I'm finding it hard to connect, not to worry since Globe has a full signal even on 21st floor! I got to watch and catch up with my favorite soaps care of iWantv (some scoops HERE). They also have a complete cable TV.

♣ Cute bed. I love the bed. Just across the bed is a window where you can see Makati Skyline. Come morning, you can see rays of sunshine but if you want to, you can close their super thick curtain and be on the snooze zone to your heart's content.

♣ Inclusive breakfast. Adobo + Egg + Brewed Coffee + Watermelon. Not bad for the price tag, more story below on that! Mean time, take a peek on what I had that glorious, Sunday morning (after the jump).

♣ Higher price from their hotel front desk. Maybe it's a norm, but I walked in and asked for their rate, they said it's Php 3,074. I checked Asiatravel's site (HERE) and got a lower deal to the tune of Php 2,772! Thank GOD I have my credit card plus a PDF copy of my statement sent to my mail, so I ended up booking via iPhone! These are the times I love, love technology. Going back, I just find it weird that they have different prices. It's still 10% higher, if you do the math :)

♣ Shower curtain has that old smell I didn't like. Their towels are okay, there's also a miniature shampoo and soap, I'm fine with those. However, as I entered the bathroom, I smelled some strange smell that's coming from the shower curtain. It's not that annoying, but to be fair with my review, I feel a dire need to say that :D
It's worth coming back. It's affordable, location is fine and it suits my needs. If you need some alone time, this place can be your respite even for a day or two. -CMK

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