Friday 25 July 2014


Konnichiwa! It's seat sale season once again, perfect time to schedule your trip for the next coming months (or probably next year). It's always been my dream to step in a Japanese territory. Maybe because of their rich culture, yummy food and it's where my cartoon crush lives? Sinichi Kudo aka Detective Conan, that is.

What better way to enjoy your vacation than to feast your tummy with these treats. Just a heads up {as early as now} that not everything is super yummy for me, however, there's no harm in trying, right?

I've heard that Osaka is more like a province compared to Tokyo. I can't compare really since I haven't been to Tokyo just yet. Here's a rundown of Maya and I's food trip on our Osaka journey.

Japanese Halo Halo
I forgot its original name but this is Japanese take on our local halo halo. We've eaten in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  It has sweetened beans, peaches, mochi (buchi), cherry and nata de coco. It's a refreshing and filling treat. Sweetener comes separately so you can decide how sweet your concoction be. It also comes with an iced cold green tea. This alone will make you full for the next 2 hours.

Takoyaki and Chicken Karaage
Authentic Chicken Karaage, ladies and gentlemen, is my ultimate favorite! What's strange is that we discovered this in an unlikely place. A supermarket food court just a gander from our hotel (Kishibe Station Hotel). I love how tender the chunks are. Add the tasty broth and Japanese mayo, tadaan! Heaven! Takoyaki in contrast is something that I didn't fancy. It's a soft waffle like ball with octopus filling inside. Not my type, but that's just me.

Chicken Teriyaki + Chocolate Mousse
Sukiya is my favorite restaurant! Their chicken teriyaki and chocolate mousse is to die for. I am lost for words but this is on top of my list. Japan is known for their chocolates not being too sweet, and it's true! Typing this post alone makes me want to eat this combination again.

Another authentic dish that Japan is known for. The broth is so tasty. I don't know how to use chopsticks, good thing there's a ladle at hand. I also appreciate the fact that they do have ready spoon and fork for foreigners. One experience I had was when we're in Taipei, there's no cutlery, only chop sticks! How can I eat? Lol. But that's by the bay. Pork is tasty but they're few for me. Slurp. Slurp.

Tonkatsu + Curry Sauce
We had this as our lunch after visiting Osaka's Bamboo Forest (take a peek, HERE). The portion is so huge. Curry sauce is thick and caldereta-ish for me. I like that. Pork is nothing special. Just like what we have here. Another thing, their rice is different, texture wise.

I first tasted this way back 2011, I forgot how it tasted. Now, I've been reacquainted with the taste. Dish is made up of cabbage, strips of pork, seafood and topped with egg. This is a dish I won't eat again. I think our local okoy is way better. But again, it won't hurt to try something new every once in a while. I didn't regret ordering the dish, I was just happy that Maya and I decided to share, otherwise it would be a very BIG challenge to finish it up.

Food trip, I'll never get tired of it. -CMK

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