Thursday 10 April 2014


How are you as a traveler? I, for one, am the type who can endure a hotel or inn with few, basic necessities. Good bed, clean bathroom, wi-fi, standard TV, air con (or heater), that's it. Pretty standard things. My philosophy is: I won't be staying in a hotel for the whole day, so might as well stick with bare necessities.

Last January, I've visited SG and Malaysia with my mum. When we're in Malaysia, we stayed at CUBE Hotel. This would be a brief review, so please bear with yours truly :) Room is a bit tiny. When you enter the door, 2 more steps and there goes the bed. Rate is about Php 1,500 per head. Take note that 1 (MYR) Malaysian Ringgit is equal to Php 14. I got the reservation from Asiatravel site (I've been their regular client since 2012, a quick blog review of my experience HERE). Here are some snap shots of our home away from home.

CMK THINKS: A bit of a challenge is when you have a big luggage. It's  difficult to stroll around due to heavy construction going on {at the time when we visited}. However, some good souls allowed us to pass through the short cut and made our lives easier,  {Selamat Detang}.

Money-wise, I think the hotel is okay-ish. It's also near to one train station so that's another plus. A 10-minute walk and you're there. Biggest yay is that it's just across Berjaya Time Square. Wee. If I'll visit MY soon, will book again at this hotel. -CMK

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