Wednesday 9 April 2014


It was one of those 7:00 am Friday mornings. I've been doing one of my self-talks again. Should I sleep some more? Should I get up and get ready? But the bed looks so inviting! But sunshine is here! Tells myself to my other self :) What I did was I prayed and literally asked for the strength to get up and do what's better. And I think I got my answer.

I put on my maxi dress, carried my purple yoga mat and headed to The Yoga Way studio (Full Review). Morning class is 8:30 am and I was there around 8:00 am. Yay! I paid my drop in rate (Php 350, very wallet-friendly) and changed to my usual yoga clothes.

Here's the surprise, this session turned out to be a private (one-on-one) session with Teacher Dani! I've learned so much about Yoga and anatomy and other interesting stuff that fateful day. I'm glad I showed up. Here are my latest thoughts so far:

♣ You find make time to do the things you love.
The word "I'm busy" is so overrated and lame to some extent. I'm not holier than thou and I've used this phrase a thousand times. But as they say, you should do the things your future self will thank you for. We're all a work in progress but it's nice to get things going. Let's all seize the opportunity, baby!

♣ Power naps are the greatest.
Okay, so I was dilapidated and my muscles feel like royal jellies, when I got home and opened the AC and the next thing I did was zzzz... Oh my! Yoga puts you to sleep in no time! I've noticed that my monthly period comes regularly when I practice too.

♣ There's so much to be thankful for.
I know this is an altogether different point, but yeah, I don't know. On my way home, I realized that there's so much to say "Thank You" for. I am grateful for all the people and situations I've met, and acknowledged that God indeed has great plans. Sometimes, it takes heaps of sweat to make us realize those things!
I got an answered prayer, I showed up for the morning class and I'm happy I did! -CMK

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