Friday 28 March 2014


This very post is my 550th post! Time passes by so quickly, even faster when you love what you're doing. If somebody would come up to you and ask: 

Why do you do that "thing" you do? Thing being your work, your habits, your reactions... Do you have an instant answer?

I've been sharing my knowledge with my students for quite some time now and it's been a roller coaster ride. Time comes when I want to just let go and sleep my mornings away. There are times, though, that I've been so inspired that I could sing Eric Clapton's Change the World with utmost conviction.

One of the reason why I teach is I want desire to share my relationship with JESUS to these teenagers. Teenage years are full of hormones, naive-ness (admit it) and unrealistic expectations about life. Without a sturdy anchor (like a deep faith with the Lord) - you may not come out of this stage alive {figuratively, yes}.

So last week, like what I always do, I shared my experiences with a bunch of students. I gave their final leg work then lo and behold, they handed me over a HUGE CARD + CUPCAKES. That is one of the sweetest moments of me being a teacher.

You see, teaching is not one of the most lucrative jobs in the market, but it is only in this profession where you can tap these young hearts. This ecard has said it all :)

Teaching is not confined in a formal classroom. You can volunteer to teach street kids, or in church or communities. 

For all you know, you may be the only BIBLE someone can ever read in their lives. Be that walking BIBLE as much as you can. Anyone can blab good words but you know what matters most? Your actions. 

I always believe that there's goodness in each one of us. As simple your kindness as it may seem, be that ray of light on someone else's world.  -CMK

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