Thursday 27 March 2014


I've been catching up with beauty products road testing these days. One of which is our loot for today. I've always been a Dove girl, since teenage days. The brand has a wide array of fool proof, go-to products every girl can enjoy. Not to mention, it's reasonably priced. I love how Dove soap makes my skin supple and soft, so when they released a liquid body wash version, I'm excited to try! This bottle retails for about Php 100, for a 200 ml bottle - that's fair.

It smells so good! Admit it, girls are more likely to enjoy shower time with good scents all around! Dove won't fail you in this department. With a pea sized amount, it can produce more than usual suds, something that I like too! Another happy thought is the visible beads (see the next picture below), being an exfoliating body wash, each scallop has some tiny beads you can subtly feel when you rub it across your skin. This will put your shower me-time to another level!


While it smells good, the scent doesn't stay that long. In fairness, that's understandable considering its price. Another one is that it takes quite an effort to wash off the residue, a trademark from Dove and other highly moisturizing soaps. This is not an altogether bad thing, just make sure that you won't use this when you only have a 10-minute bath time to spare.

Another great product from my ever favorite DOVE roster! I suggest you lather some more during your night shower so you can appreciate how soft your arms and legs are just before going to bed. Me-time is an important time you need to keep! Either it's a "me" or "us" time, I hope you make Summer 2014 a moment to remember! -CMK

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