Friday 10 January 2014


No amount of material things, people or events can compensate the lack of God's presence in our lives.
In this cosmopolitan world, one truth remains: Nakatanim sa bawat tao ang Espiritu ng Diyos. Have a personal alone time with God. Prioritize it.

1. Awareness of God's presence / proximity.
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you." -God
To be aware of God's presence, SILENCE IS REQUIRED. 
Be detached to people even for a few minutes.
Go back to old-fashioned devotion.
Set apart 15 minutes in the morning and evening.
Have a breathing space and enjoy it.
You have to find ways to communicate with GOD personally. Empty your mind.

2. Loving God and His presence more than loving other people / things.
How to be stable emotionally? Make GOD your center.
Do not love the world (more than GOD).
If you do, you are digging your own grave (disappointment).
God wants to be in your center because He will never leave you. 
Whether we like it or not, people and things are bound to leave us, 
but if GOD is in our epicenter, we can bounce back from any challenges life may bring. (Wow!)

3. Man should develop his spiritual connection to people.
We can connect to other people by praying for them.
Develop spirituality by:
      - Praying
      - Pondering
      - Pakiramdam

Restfulness means being at peace with the Spirit of God.
Holiness means that space in your heart where you meet God.

* This is an excerpt from my notes on Kuya Ed's talk entitled "Separation and God's Kingdom"

* Photo source: HERE


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