Monday 6 January 2014


1. FORGIVE others so you can also be forgiven.
♣ Forgive and set yourself free from them.
♣ Being free from anger is, in itself, a great reward.
♣ It's good for your health, looks and productivity.

2. GO only with the people you like.
♣ Whenever you can, stay away from negative people. You have a right to choose. You owe it to yourself to enjoy life.
Dapat in-love ka sa ugali (when choosing your partner in life).

♣ Avoid people who oppose, negate, invalidate you. Be emotionally detached. 
♣ In the same way, wag maging kontrabida sa buhay ng iba.

3. PURSUE your dreams, your destiny.
♣ God's design and will = destiny.
♣ How's your destiny (dreams)?
Huwag mong itapon ang mga pangarap mo. Fulfill your destiny.
♣ God's plans = natural to you, closest to your heart.
Hanggang maaga, go after your dreams.

4. UNLOAD and relax every time you could.
♣ Refuse vexations when you're about to sleep.
♣ Consciously preserve your peace of mind.
Huwag magdala ng sama ng loob sa higaan.

5. STAY free.
♣ You are called to be free, avoid taking reckless commitment.
♣ Do not commit yourself too much. 
♣ Prevent people from colonizing your mind, time and space.

Sandali ka lang mabuhay, so life should be enjoyed. Choose your friends. Do not chain people to your life. May you give these gifts to yourself this year! -CMK

* This is an excerpt from my notes on Kuya Ed's talk entitled "PAMASKO SA SARILI"

* Photo source: HERE

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