Friday 3 January 2014


It was December of 2009 when I first heard about Belle de Jour Planner. That year, I've been using a planner from a doughnut company since none of the coffee shop planner is "me" enough. It got me intrigued on what to expect that I searched the web to have a glimpse of it. Bloggers that time are not that rampant hence I relied on images and photo captions. Saw the layout plus the coupons. This is MY planner! I bought my first BDJ way back 2010 and since then, I've been a regular Bella! Be with me as I stroll down the memory lane with a glimpse of "those-years-that-were"

This year was a "Wander Year" for me. It was when I decided to leave my comfort zone and accept another responsibility. That was a bitter sweet goodbye since I have many friends to leave behind. Later part of the year has been memorable in good and not-so-good ways. I reviewed my scribbles and I got the feeling of me, searching who I really am that time. In every aspect of my life, that is. Also, this was the year when I've bought my first car (Reddie).

This has been one of my breakthrough years. I had the privilege to visit Europe for the first time. Czech Republic to be exact. I've always been that sheltered-type of girl, so when I got to taste how it was to TRAVEL ALONE, I got mixed emotions! There are so many learning experiences this year but two of the greatest blessings I've encountered are: a) my current career b) the ability to move on (you can read this in whatever aspect it may seem appropriate ☺)

2011 was the year when I started this blog. Yay! A very interesting year to go back to, indeed.

This year was a year of "starting over", in so many ways. Many friendships and opportunities have been kindled this year. I've decided to be actively involved to a church ministry once more. It's also 2012 when I've dipped my feet into the academe world, something that I really wanted to do for the longest time. It has been quite a year of travel for me. I've visited Seoul, Korea with my friends and Bangkok, Thailand with my mom.

This has been my best year so far. I guess our years get better and better! And thank you LORD for this! While I've had my shares of ups and downs - this has been a good year overall. I've started my financial literacy action items this year. I've also found time to actively nourish friendships - a very important leap from my career-driven perspective before. This year, I've learned the art of enjoying the simple things in life.

Whoah! I can't believe we're gearing towards 2014! This year, I'm claiming God's promises of exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond blessings and learning! There are really good plans in the pipeline and I'm hoping that these will all materialize, by God's grace.

In case you wish to catch a glimpse of 2014 BDJ contents, feel free to visit my thoughts HERE. You know what's the beauty of having a journal? It's like you can see how you were in that specific year. Your thought patterns, your emotions, the YOU that year! -CMK


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