Friday 22 November 2013


This is a sequel of my TOP 8 CHILLAX DESTINATION, PHILIPPINES (PART 1). Click HERE for the first installment. It's that time of the year when it's best to plan your travel activities. Plane rates are relatively low and vacation leave slots are replenished for the new year.

Puerto Galera
I recall Puerto Galera is my first taste of a major out of town travel. It was 2008 when travel bug bit me. And I've never stopped planning travels after that. I myself captured the photo above. It's so surreal. You need to go to Batangas port and ride a ferry and that's just the start of the fun! Prices here are cheap from food to accommodation. Some say this is an affordable version of Boracay. Somewhat true. PS: Do yourself a favor and order their CHOCO BANANA SMOOTHIE. It is heaven in a plastic cup.

Who doesn't know Boracay? During my trip to Czech Republic, Boracay is a great conversation starter. They usually ask me, "Where you're from?" I answered "Philippines." And they're like... "Ohh, so you're familiar with this cool beach place Boracay?"

Yes, Boracay has built a reputation of powdery sand and haven for people all over the globe. I totally agree. Boracay is that place where you can lie on fine sand if you want. Get henna tattooed. Eat fancy dinner. Go parasailing. And so much more. I almost fell off my chair when they told me that they accept credit cards. It's like Greenbelt by the beach! Cool! Cool! Cool!

Loboc River, Bohol
Recently battered by an earthquake as of October 2013, I hope the place is not severely damaged by super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). This is a more serene version of Boracay. Most popular activity includes one where you'll ride a big boat with local buffet cuisines. There, you'll get serenaded while in awe of lush trees and clean, green water. You'll hear Mother Nature singing her tunes. A very refreshing experience!
I appreciate the laid back feel of this place. It amazes me whenever I see people sipping coffee in the morning, doing their work, catching up with their friends and eating dinner together. Life is simple here. And sometimes, all we need is a hiatus of a hectic life we have invented ourselves. ☺

Prayer Mountain, Rizal
If you don't have the luxury of money and time, you can still unleash your travel cravings. Not far from the Metro lies Prayer Mountain. Don't get intimidated and think about retreats and all religious things. This place is more than that. If you want to shut up and look blankly without any distractions (no cell sites here, generally) - this is the place to be.

Only an MRT and Cogeo FX and jeep away, you'll be encapsulated by huge trees and simple living. I have prepared an in depth review of this place, together with the rates. Click HERE for that.

So that's it. Top 8 Chillax Destination for you to behold. I'm bound to go to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental as I type this. As usual, I am excited! Take time to savor simple things in life. Pursue your dreams, but don't forget to appreciate what you have here and now. -CMK


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