Tuesday 26 November 2013


It's every child's fantasy to be in a land where dreams come to life! And there would always be a kid in us no matter how many years are added to our age. I've been fortunate to visit Singapore and Malaysia this year and it was my first time to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Time flies so fast! We went there at 1 pm-ish and in a blink of an eye, it's already 7 pm! Part of the reason why we didn't notice that is the sun sets in SG at around 8 pm or so :)

The place has a resemblance of Disneyland Hongkong but I'd say the rides in USS are for more mature audiences (like us!). It's hot and humid there so best to bring a bottled water with you. There's a map that's available at the entrance so get one and let your adventure begin!


Revenge of the Mummy
I am in two minds whether I'd declare this ride as my most favorite since I equally like the Transformer ride too! So maybe it's a tie. It's a gigantic indoor roller coaster ride with so many twists, turns and virtual attraction. We ended up riding this joyride about 3 times. You need to deposit your bag into their lockers because it's not safe to bring such with you. No worries, you get the key and it's free for a specific period of time.

Shrek 4D
It's a 4D movie with water splashes in between (spoiler alert!). This part is one of the picturesque spot for me. And hey, there's so many Shrek characters that I didn't know pala! If you want to take a break from your quarter life questions, hop in and enjoy the movie. You'll appreciate how it is to be a kid again, guaranteed! 

The Transformers
Another favorite of yours truly. Truth be told, I was afraid to try this one. Maybe because I've heard scary stories on how my friends want to throw up because there's a super massive twists and turns. Well, I am so happy to share that we ended up riding this thing for 3x too! How's that! Now I know how it feels to be in the head of a huge robot and there's a villain punching you to and fro. Fun. Must try!

Priceless, Childhood Moments
Sure, we have dreams to pursue. However, it wouldn't hurt to take a break once in a while to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, I yearn for the times when we, as kids, only know 3 things: Eat, Play and Sleep. All other things are just NOT that of a big deal. 
As we grow, things tend to be complicated. Don't let the world steal your "kid-ness" at heart. On a lighter note, if you're visiting Singapore soon - be sure to drop by at USS. It's Php 2,700 approx by the way. All day pass ticket, that is. ENJOY! -CMK

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