Wednesday 14 August 2013


* Life is made up of extremes and everything in between.
* Everything has its time. Mararanasan ang dapat maranasan.
* Nothing can happen without God's consent.
* Think about today. Enjoy the here and now.
* Don't insist on what's unavoidable (Huwag matakot tumanda).
* Don't insist on having what cannot be had. (Huwag hanapin ang wala!).
* Don't insist on stopping the unstoppable.
* Read the signs around you.

* Tama ang nangyayari kahit sa tingin ng tao ay mali or mahirap. 
Sadyang konti lang ang kayang maintindihan ng tao.
* People change. It makes life exciting. 
Now, what to do? ENJOY LIFE'S SIMPLE JOYS.
* To protect yourself from crying while waiting for a big break... 
enjoy your life, your work, your food and drink.
* That's what King Solomon says, 

* Make the most of what time gives.
* You may say: Lord, I don't understand you, 
so instead of fighting with you, I will worship you. 
(Why? Because it's pointless to argue with GOD).
* Ride the tides of life. (Why? Lahat naman ay matatapos).
* Just survive the extreme times (specially extreme sadness). Lampasan mo lang.
* People recover. GOD wired us to survive. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
* What are your "extremes" now? If it's something difficult, JUST SURVIVE! 

>> This is an excerpt from my notes on Kuya Ed's talk 
entitled "Life's Extremes"
>> Photo Credits: Google Images

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