Tuesday 13 August 2013


Let's take a quick break from anything beauty related and let's discuss something everybody needs for survival... money! I intend this to be a light read coupled with WHAT NOW? portion  just to perk your imagination on what to plan next ;)

Factor 1: Information. What's the difference between a rich and poor person? It's not money, but information. Ask a rich person how to multiply his money and he'll tell you about businesses, investments and savings. Maybe he's not ultra-rich right now, but surely he'll go places. Francisco Colayco, author of best selling books shared that INFORMATION is one of the top reasons why people cannot get away from poverty.

What now? There are so many channels of information today. Scan the Youtube, Google sites or blogs about investing. Information is just a click away. Likewise, don't expect that you'll absorb everything in one go. Just keep it simple. And doable. The rest will follow.

Time is currency too!
Factor 2: Time. Time is a great equalizer. Don't tell me someone has 27 hours a day. No matter how rich or poor people are, we all have 24 hours. Some may be born with money, but time - everybody has the same hours per day.

The younger you start sowing, the sooner you'll start reaping. This is an amazing trivia: If you have invested your money in the Philippine stock market, in 5 years time, you may have doubled your money on the 5th year. Of course, this is only a hindsight review, no promises. But why don't you try it and see for yourself? It's risky, I can hear you. But inflation is risky too, don't you think? 

What now? Recognize that time is your best friend. Stock market will go up and down. It can't go up permanently (I've seen it first-hand, and panicked a bit) - but just the same, it can't go down forever. Look at 2008 financial crisis. Where are we now? I always love sharing this story: If you remain invested from year 2008, you may have tripled your money now. Far better than the measly 3-5% time deposit income (which has a final tax of 20%, by the way).

Factor 3: Act Now Attitude. The thing with retreats and seminars is such events are full of energy and you 'intend' to do things now. But that enthusiasm will wane after one week, one month or who knows hours after the gathering. Intentions, no matter how grand, are useless without action.

What now? 2 words for you. ACT NOW. I don't mean rush to the nearest bank but at least pull out your pen and paper and start visualizing your goals and come up with a plan. Yes, right now, be the man with a master plan!

Hey, Big Spender?!
Factor 4: Lifestyle. One is spending say, Php 10,000 a month. Therefore he's a big spender. Right? Uhm. Wrong. There's no  benchmark to big (or small) spending. Lifestyles, like finger prints, vary from person to person. He may be spending Php 10,000 but if that's only a tiny fraction of what he earns, that's justifiable, darling. Another is spending Php 500, while earning Php 800. Bottom line: Everything is relative.

What now? Conduct a personal lifestyle check. And an honest to goodness one! Assess if you are spending within your limit. If not, adjust. Easier said than done. Imagine looking into my eyes. Read my lips now. I KNOW! But we have goals and for now we need to tighten our belts for a brighter future. (^.^)

Factor 5: Faith. If they say stock investors are gamblers due to market's highs and lows, what do they say about the farmers with the weather's rains and shines? You see, everything is faith. You don't know that the bottled coke has indeed has coke (not sprite) inside. That's faith. And only the faith-charged ones can make it big time.

What now? Realize that you need faith in growing your money. You need wisdom to know what's good, better or best. No one has an absolute road to riches. All the more we need to ask God to point us to the right direction. 

Your turn. Share your thoughts! -CMK


  1. I will surely do this. thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Very much like this article, live a happy and smart life...


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