Tuesday 23 April 2013


We are midway summer! Highest temperature recorded 
here in Manila was 36 degrees or thereabout. With this, I'm jumping on 
the bandwagon and let you peek what's in my Summer Survival Kit! 
All products are cost-efficient such that they might be costlier than usual 
but quality and shelf-life wise, they are definitely good-buys!
You'll notice that most of them have a corresponding blog post review,
I'll be linking them on each description so if you want 
to see my detailed review, simply click on the 'Review' link.

1. Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50 Spray (REVIEW)
Still loving the mist and the fact that I can spray on hard to reach areas.

2. Australian Vitamin E Skin Repair Cream (REVIEW)

Its velvety texture still amazes me. I can see some
 similarities between this and Avon's latest Skin So Soft Glutathione lotion. 
Once I tested Avon's SSS, I'll let you know.

3. Clinique Happy Exclusive Perfumes (POST)
One of my best buys from our Bangkok trip last December.
I've always been a fan of Clinique perfumes. 
Citrus-y sniffs are must-have this summer.

4. Palladio Foundation Primer (REVIEW)
It being herbal, mid-range and matte made me love it more.

It has a 12-month shelf life and if you're wondering if primers
can make a difference, I suggest you rush into a Beauty Bar store 
and ask their pleasant sales lady for a small demo on your face.

There's more!

5. Nature Republic SPF 50+ Water Proof Sun Cream (REVIEW)
Good news that this is now available on major malls.
Nature Republic kiosks and shops are sprouting 
like mushrooms since last year. I love this for its high SPF coverage.

6. L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Hydrafresh Toner (REVIEW)
I dare say that this is NOT ONLY for high maintenance girls.
Skin care is necessary specially if you want to preserve your dewy glow.
Why do we need toners again? Click on the review link to find out why!

7. Wet Wipes
I always carry them with me. Whether nature's calling
 or you want to hydrate and wash off perspiration from your arms, 
legs wherever... this comes in handy. 'Giggles' is the most price-friendly 
version that I've ever encountered and it serves its purpose, so why not?

8. OFF! Aqua Mist 
Last holy week, we thought I had a dengue fever. 
Thank you LORD it was a false alarm. It was only viral and 
I am happy and healthy to date! Best to be sure so bring 
a mosquito repellant with you. Side Note though, I don't like 
its spray nozzle, make sure you get a decent packaging when you buy one.

9. Alcohol
Any brand will do. Clean hands in a spritz? PUSH na yan!

10. Mentos Flavored Gums
Very convenient. Its strawberry lime flavor will definitely 
make you want to go to a cooler place. Tagaytay or Baguio?!

Summer, like any other season, will come and go.
Instead of being grumpy, why not at least TRY to think 
about WHY do you LIKE summer?

Personally, I like summer because I can sweat like crazy without even trying.
It's like I'm in a hot yoga room without the bill.
SMILE! It's summer! -CMK



  1. hi new reader and follower of your blog =) saw your post via twitter =)

    1. Hi Rhaindropz! Thanks and hope to hear your comments soon! :D

  2. naku, cooling/hydrating mist is a must po talaga. plus drinking water :)

  3. Any review about Beauche Lotion Balak ko po kasing gumamit ng Beauche Whitening Lotion meron kasi syang daw kasi syang SPF35. Please see this http://www.beauche-international.com/p/skin-whitening-lotion.html and let me know kung effective ba sya? Thank you !


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