Monday 1 April 2013


Remember the SNEAK PEEK REVIEW of Sophia some few months back? ☺ If not, feel free to refresh your memory HERE. Here's the final review of the product. Let me start by saying the photo above has undergone no modifications except for the text caption. You could easily agree with me when you notice the little smudge on my right eye :)) Well, I'm happy to show you all these imperfection because that what human beings are in real life! :D Some notable details on my photo above.

* Picture was taken AFTER walking on sunshine. (Translated 34° Manila Weather).
* Applied eyeliner and Majolica Majorca lash king mascara.
* Normal lighting.

☺Simple application. You just swipe a few amount over the lid and that's it.
☺Visible result after 2 weeks. Results are noticeable after 10 consecutive applications.
☺Odor-free. This is one of the products that I don't want 
to have any odor for peace of mind's sake.
☺Air-sealed container. Like what we have in our contact 
lenses solutions, where we poke the container on our initial usage,
 Sophia has the same feature. 

☻I've had a discoloration within my eye area (think of eye bags)
 when I over applied the solution. And I tell you, I panicked! 
It's sort of apparent the first 2-3 days and I thought it won't go away. 
Gawsh. Thank heavens it subsided. (Otherwise, sermon ako kay mommy!)
☻Effects are not permanent. It's all in the print that goes with the product.
Once you discontinue (its usage), lash will revert to its normal length.

For raw details, see below. These are taken right after my eyebrow threading. Normal lighting too and without any product applied on my face (except moisturizer).

Unlike most of my reviews, to say a straight YES or NO without giving further 
details would be careless, and so here's my conclusion about this whole experience:

♣ Best to consult first with your eye doctor since the process concerns your precious eyes.
♣ Make sure that you won't spill the liquid elsewhere (hair on your cheek, heck no!)
♣ Get ready for some discoloration, not happening 100% of the time,
 but it's in the product print (as one of the contraindication).

It's always your call if you want to try or not. Personally, I'm happy with the overall experience though I should emphasize that the discoloration got me worried! I am thankful that I've got the chance to try Sophia. As it sits, I'm happy with my lashes. If you're not yet ready for something like this, maybe you should try Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara (Review HERE), for a starter.-CMK.



  1. I would prefer the mascara. This kind of solution freaks me out, especially around the eye area hihi

  2. Super frustrated to try this one out. Ang expensive nya kasi for me and I can;t afford it by now. Nice review, girl! :)

  3. Hi Ms. Kristine,
    Can you please share with us some tips on how to use the eyelash enhancer. I’m having a hard time here :(
    Thanks a lot!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hello Pauline, you can use the enhancer regularly but if there's any irritation, please discontinue the usage :) Try not to apply the substance on any other area.


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