Tuesday 26 March 2013


Bangkok, Thailand is one hour later than Manila, Philippines! That was the first fun fact I've discovered first hand when we went there last December 2012. I thought the plane was super fast since we're bound to touch down 2 am, and there we were, 1 am! How could that be? Time zone, my friends. Time zone. This post is a bit overdue, however, since travel-bug will be out there biting again this summer, I thought this post might be handy.

We have finally decided to visit Bangkok (BKK) during Christmas season since friends told me it's extremely hot during April to May months (my next date option). Truth be told, I'm not uber giddy over the fact that I'm going to BKK. We're intentionally bound to fly to Seoul, however mom has some travel issues so we postponed. I like cold places. Hongkong-ish weather suits me best. The thought of my make-up not melting due to heat excites me. Time to break out from my comfort zone. So, SAWADEE BANGKOK. HERE WE COME.


1. Be Amazed by their Culture
Thailand is a buddhist country. Some say to be a Thai means to be a buddhist. While we hunger to share God's word to people around the world, I believe the first thing that we need to learn is RESPECT our cultural differences. I pray that one day, people will have a chance to at least FEEL God's love, not to insist that one is more correct than the other, but to share a common bond which is LOVE (this transcends religion and other boundaries). Picture below is a snapshot of monks in one of their many temples.

2. Ride a Tuktuk
A popular form of transportation in Thailand. It's a three-wheeled motorcycle that are faster than taxis. Another fun fact: traffic in BKK is crazy. Our tour guide shared that among the most-traffic-road-list world wide, Thailand is #1 and Manila, #3. This pic was taken on our way home from the famous Shibuya and Platinum mall (click HERE). Have you noticed the way mommy's hair flew? Quite an experience. Whew.

3. Watch an Elephant Show
This one's a must-do. Elephants are sacred to Thais and this will appear so obvious with the way they design their door post, wallets and clothes. We booked a tour before hand and this include a front-row seat to a football game. Catch? Played by awesome elephants! We enjoyed the show. They are super cute! Comedy: In the midst of the show, a canyon ball was fired (BOOM! REAL LOUD.) and when I looked at the turistas faces all around? SHOCKED in all languages. Haha! That includes mommy that shouted some censored words. BWAHAHA! I'm bad. I know. I know. :))

4. Get a Thai Massage
You know you're a massage junkie when you have so many blog posts about it. Ventusa at Blue Water Day Spa Review? Click HERE. What about Traditional Hilot at The Spa? Click HERE. The Spa's reflexology treatment for Php 550, anyone? HERE's the post. It was a dream come true when we lay at Thailand for what else but Thai Massage. How authentic can we get? A massage in Thailand by one of the pleasant Thai ladies. I'd say they were a bit more un-gentle but I heard that's the authentic version so, let's endure savor it!
5. Enjoy the Hotel Facilities
I sincerely thank my friends for their first hand info about the hotel to stay. Ramada hotel is much like Dusit Hotel in Makati (from the outside). There's a catch though, in BKK, it's situated within the heart of a Binondo-like place. No kidding. When we first alight from our van my reaction goes: Awesome place. Err exciting environment. But, think of it this way, food kiosks and other 7-eleven stores are just a gander away, so nobody's complaining.

The inside of the hotel was super nice. They even have a pool at the roof top. Their room? Very cozy. I could lay here for hours. Carrying a conversation with the hotel staff was a bit challenge but in fairness to them, they are nice and accommodating.
This is only the first half of my Bangkok chronicles. 
Stay tuned for the Part 2! Oh, the joys of traveling! -CMK



  1. Thank you for sharing a nice experience, Thailand is an exotic country, I have been there 1 year ago and it was splendid journey from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, Have you been to Kanchanaburi? Nearby to this place there are many waterfalls and national parks, It was a real fun for me to stay in Tented camp and enjoy river camping.

    1. Hi, haven't been to Kanchanaburi. Camping looks like a lot of fun, will try that soon :)

  2. Thailand is included on my intl trip lists :)


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