Friday 8 March 2013


Summer! Oh happy days for students. It's their MAIN EVENT. Their goal. Their finish line. For the working class and entrepreneurs we say: "What Summer?" Kidding! :) Toot! Of course we can always take some time off even for a day or two, so there's no excuse for us not to have fun under the sun! Don't you love this poetic intro?! 

Mr. Sun will always mean basking through the beaches, going to colder places (Hello Tagaytay and Baguio!) or even traversing other lands like Seoul or what-have-yous. These are common activities we do year after year. This 2013, why don't you add some twists on your already FUN summer? With this, I'm recommending 4 unique summer activities according to your interests.

NOW is the time.
Do you love: Walking along the beach doing something of eternal value? 

Little Introduction: "Philippines Beach Mission (PBM) exists to bring honor and praise to the Lord by preaching God’s glorious global Gospel of great grace abounding; not only at the beach, but as a lifestyle for all genuine Christians."

What to expect? If you're wondering how you'll spend this year's Holy Week, this is a perfect fit. Walking and interacting with people is healthy for the heart. The team is mostly within 20-30's age bracket, so don't worry because it's not your traditional evangelistic activity. See the "coolness" of the poster yourself ;)

More details please! Visit PBM Facebook Page (click HERE).

Do you love: Do-it-Yourself (DIY) activities? As in watercolors, rubber stamps, crafts etc. Are you within the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) area?

Little Introduction: "Crafternoons" happen every Sunday. All Crafternoons will be held at the Forum of FullyBooked (Bonifacio High Street branch). This genius activity was thought by Alessa and her husband. She's the blogger behind "Life After Breakfast" and the owner of Pipino (a vegetarian restaurant). If I'm not mistaken, Ms. Patty Laurel co-owns the restaurant.

What to expect? An afternoon full of colors, ideas, fun and NEW FRIENDS! Activity is generally from 2 pm to 5 pm. All materials will be provided by them. All you have to bring is your creative juices... lots of it! ;)

More details please! Visit Alessa's blog, Life After Breakfast (click HERE). Look for the Crafternoons at Fully Booked logo.

Do you love: Make ups and self-empowerment sessions?

Little Introduction: Virginia Olsen is the home of eco-friendly makeup brushes and mineral makeups. They're also the distributor of Sophia Eyelash Enhancer (for my detailed review, click HERE). It's nice to get sidetracked with ideas on how to beautify yourself, agree? I'm hearing YES!

What to expect? 2 Saturdays filled with girl talks, makeups and tips. How lovely can your Saturday get? To spice things up, they're offering the early bird rate. It's noteworthy to share that the workshop handles maximum of 10 students per session. Talk about quality tutorial.

More details please! Visit Virginia Olsen's FB Page (click HERE). 

Do you love: growing your hard-earned money, here's the twist, while keeping your values and quality life intact?

Little Introduction: Conference have 5 speakers. You've seen most of them on national television. Whether on ANC Money Talk Shows, GMA morning shows or UNTV. We've heard so many times that the first step to be rich is not to earn money but to get financial literacy (know-how). So true. Good to know that there's a 40% off special rate for March registrants!

What to expect? I've heard Dennis Sy one time in Victory Christian Fellowship. He's a natural comedian. I'm following the financial blogs of Randell and Marvin, very hands-on and generous on stock tips and ideas. I am yet to meet Chinkee and Efren on this conference. God's willing.

More details please! Visit Randell Tiongson's blog (click HERE). 

This summer, I have 3 words for you. -CMK


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