Monday 11 March 2013


Coffee and Nuts Flavored Ice Cream from Cafe Ti Amo
I've been one of their regulars since they opened their Greenbelt Branch. I could describe them in so many words. Good place. Date-friendly ambiance. Reasonable price. I love their coffee-based ice cream then and now. Even their brewed cafe mocha has a different kick. The ice cream above was mine. After a few minutes, bottoms up! Thank goodness, fought the urge to buy again.

Summer Dress from Bayo
A girl cannot have "just enough" dress on their closet. True! True! Consider it as yet another reward for accomplishing some few tasks the past week. It's on sale! Bought it at 50% off from SM Mall of Asia. I'm torn between fuchsia/red and blue/green combo. Latter won JUST BECAUSE I had my crisp blue Havaianas to match. HA! Look at my outfit post HERE.

Floral Summer Dress from Betty
Do not raise your eyebrows pretty please. ☺It's my birthday week last week so I got a good pass of sorta splurging a wee bit. That's what's nice about spending your Saturday afternoon with your girls, you got a good pep squad that cheer "Go, buy it!" Kidding ☺ They know it's my day (or my weekend) hence, they're a bit kinder. I love the Zig Zag details. Clap clap! 
Aren't you some months behind, CMK? I know, I know. Well, better late than never isn't it? To emphasize, this is not a paid blog post. I'll be trying this product just because I am curious if it will work for me or not. I've been chugging fresh pineapples (3x a week at least) for a year now and I consider this as a level up on my seemingly healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to do the same. I noticed colds and coughs are avoiding me since I adapted this fresh fruit regimen. Not to mention it's uber perfect for your skin. Double clap again!
Good Book
Title speaks all too well via picture. Gazillion thanks to Maya for giving this book to me. She jokingly puts that I should write a book review due to her ha-hum tired to read the entire book. Good indication that close friends can "barubalize" you... moments after giving their gift. Haha. Kidding aside, here's a shout out to another fab girlfriend who's a March Celebrant too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!

There's so many fave things that I wish to write about but 5 will suffice. Finally, here's something from one of my favorite blogs ( Isn't it SWEET? That HE owns the skies but wants a piece of my time, my heart, myself? Dear GOD, Thank you for my twenty-something fruitful years. I'm excited for things yet to come! -CMK


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