Monday 18 February 2013


This week has been: 
Busy slash emotional. Typical yet faith strengthening. Went back little by little to my early morning exercise routine. Accomplished my visit with the doctor (for my yearly checkup) thankfully, all is well. Met one of my friends and managed to accompany her in  her shopping. Proud that I didn't spend a single peso. Come Sunday, errr - yes, I did a wee bit of shopping myself. Coming clean! Weird as it may sound, I'm energized and excited to go back to work!

Loving this bandage skirt from Bayo. Don't judge me! It's only Php 445.
Way cheaper than more than a thousand buck in Promod Greenbelt 5.

Oh! Summer dresses! Flip flops + Neon Yellow Dress = Sunshiny Moi

Interesting read! What's more interesting? The price dude. Wild guess?
Wrong! It's only Php 95.00 no zero omitted. Yes it's less than a hundred.
But the texts in its 268 pages? I'd say priceless. Currently reading.

It's always an honor to get invited to talk.
Excited to see the young ones this May 2013. 

Been raving about Big Chill's Super Charger Smoothie for 2 weeks now.
Word of caution though, it has an algae (lumot) component hence the green color.
Of course it's the healthy and edible kind of algae :-)

Let me leave you with this:
I wish you a good week everyone! -CMK


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