Tuesday 19 February 2013


If there's one dessert place that I go back into once in a while since 2009, that would be Chocolat! I still can remember my family's reaction when we first took a sumptuous bite of their cakes! Think: Eyes wide opened, mouth as if saying Oh! Fork, coming back to the yummy cake slice, by default.

Our favorites include Death by Tablea, Blueberry Cheesecake and my personal favorite, Tablea Cheesecake. Slurp! 

Their shop has a vintage feel. Though I noticed their magazines were so outdated. Place is not crowded usually hence, a perfect place to have a hearty talk with your loved ones. Also, I think their coffees are not that good. It is sorta bland if you'll ask me. Haven't tried their tablea (hot chocolate) but it looks appealing.

Chocolat at SM Mall of Asia
Price range is around Php 80 - 125 per slice
Best Seller: Death by Tablea

Price. It's reasonable compared to its competitors. Slice of cake is just right 
and if you don't have a sweet tooth, one slice can be shared.
Water by default. Nice to know that there's a pitcher of house
 water to gulp in case it gets to sweet and sticky.
Place. I have an inclination for vintage-y and old places. 
Furniture are equally comfortable.

Tablea Cheesecake *drool*

☻Cakes are generally too sweet. I have a sweet tooth but 
I'm having a hard time finishing a whole slice of their cake. 
Cakes being ultra sweet will be apparent after 2-3 bites.
Magazines update! It's such a turn off when you have a 2-year old 
magazine sitting on a dessert place rack. Back issues are being sold 
after 6-months for Php 50-70 pesos, might be a nice improvement :)

Play with heights. Lady in Red. Kung Hei Fat Choi Vibe.

Worth a try. One weekend, schedule a cake-tasting session 
with your loved ones. Chances are, they'll give you a pat on the back 
for discovering some secret cake place. -CMK


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  1. This is something I would love to try. My family loves chocolates! :D


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