Wednesday 27 February 2013


One thing that holds back girls from getting a digi-perm treatment (click HERE) is the anticipation of their hair being high maintenance. Well, YES and NO. Yes - if the idea of being a high-maintenance would mean adding a few squirts every after bath. NO - if you envisioned Digi-permed hair = 1-hour blow dry + coating + treatment + etc. A ritual most normal girls can't afford. My hair has been digi-permed since 2010, and I'm loving it to bits! A one stop hair product can turn your lower curls from blah to va-va-voom. That's why Finesse takes the center stage today!

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse
Price: Php 289 (Landmark) Php 299 (SM)
Weight: 198 grams

☺Light weight. Since it's bubble-infused, you can't feel 
anything after you apply the substance onto your hair.
☺Nozzle works. I've been traumatized on how 
Shine moist failed most of my "I-only-have-5-mins-to-spare-moments".
Good thing Finesse didn't give me that hard time.
For my detailed review on Shine Moist Mousse, click HERE.
☺Smells nice. I have a penchant for good smelling beauty prods,
this one fits the bill.

☻Holding Time. Gawsh. It only holds my 
curls for the first 3 hours, I think.
The rest of the day, my hair looks like, hmm, 
I forgot to comb my crowning glory. Bummer.
☻Travel un-friendly. Make a mind note NOT to
include this arsenal in your hand carry baggage.
Otherwise, you have to voluntary put 
it on the airport's big trash can.
☻Price. Considering that you have to re-apply within the day,
I don't think it's sulit.


Personally, this is perfect on summer.
Hard wax on curls is sorta high maintenance on the beach.
With this, you can just spritz some and there you go.
Plus - you don't have to worry even if your curls will turn on a saggy-mode,
JUST BECAUSE, it's summer baby! Relax a bit!

Just in case you're wondering what on earth is my picture up above doing on this blog review, that's my hair 1 hour after applying this product. Pic was taken on a cool coffee shop in Bangkok. After 3 hours, this is how it looks like. Side Note: I met Ms. Kara David (famous Philippine Journalist) on our Bangkok Trip! #Surreal You don't believe moi? Exhibit A below! -CMK

With Ms. Kara David and Julia


  1. I remember when my sister's hair was permed way back, she was also using finesse mousse. My hair is not that straight when I tried it but he results were good. My hair was moving free, it was very soft and it smelled good! :)

  2. Loveee this product. So effective. Bili ako ng bili kahi tmahal.


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