Thursday 28 February 2013


There you have it, my lengthy blog title for this year! HA! Couldn't think of a more suitable title but that one. Like best friends, there are some beauty products that I will forever be loyal to. These are 3 of those!

TOP 1: Olay Natural White Day Cream. For my detailed review, click HERE. Moisturizer. Girl's best friend. While the rest of the beauty world are going ecstatic over luxury brands that cost an arm and a leg (and another arm), I'd prefer to be loyal to my trusted brand. It works so well so why bother changing the norm? Each time I'm thinking about altering this beauty pot, I find myself handing down the new item gently, then going back to Olay booth and ask for that familiar friend. There's the proof to your left, a hit pan pot followed by a brand new miracle-worker!
 TOP 2: Maybelline Fuchsia Fever Lipstick
For my detailed review, click HERE. This is another breakthrough. You ask why? Drum rolls please, this is the FIRST lipstick that I've used from top to bottom! Come clean girls, it takes us some minutes to buy lots of lip colors but it's quite rare for us to FINISH the whole tube! Aminin! :D I love this lip color so much that I dub it as my lip's soul mate everrr. Whether I'm attending an event, giving some talk, catching up with my girls, going on dates (this one's rare though) or just going somewhere - this Fuchsia arsenal is the BOMB! And hey, summer's here... Hot Pink's HOT again. Goodah!

TOP 3: Etude House Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
For my detailed review, click HERE. Inasmuch as we adore makeup, there is a proper time to get rid of them FAST. I got hold of a water based make up remover once but I realized that oil based ones work better for me. This holds true specially when you want to remove any residue from waterproof mascaras. Tip: If you'll visit Seoul, Korea anytime soon, HOARD these goodies. They are wayyyy cheaper in Korea.

Each product costs less than Php 400. It works like wonders. It's wallet-friendly. It's picture-worthy. Woman, what else will you look for? :D Have a fun day today! -CMK.


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