Monday 14 January 2013


* Be a good manager.
Take care of what God gives you.
Pinagkatiwalaan ka, be worthy of the trust.

Do not act as more important as your livelihood.
Love your source of income.
Take care of your tools {body}, of your partners {co-workers}.
"Even the strength that you use comes from me." -God
High position is God's trust.

* Budget well.
Budget your consumption.
Good old-fashioned labor is the way to be rich! No hidden agenda!
Budget your energy and resources {time and strength}.
Plan your major expenses.

Source: HERE

* Avoid needless and foolish risks.
Do not be blinded by greed.
Pag-trabahuhan ang gusto niyong maging income.
Avoid quick and easy money.
Pagsikapan ang binabayad sa iyo.

* Save!
Don't spend like there's no tomorrow.
True faith means doing what's practical to  
preserve yourself and your resources {money}. 
Don't be wasteful. Pag sulit, kahit mahal, hindi yun sayang.

* Be a good trustee.
Be a good employee of God.
If God is generous to you, do likewise.
Remember GOD owns everything, so keep GOD in the equation.

Religion is nothing if masama ang ugali mo.
Religion is nothing if you are unkind to your fellowmen.

* Give what belongs to the LORD.
Bring the FULL tithe to the Lord.
This is as biblical as John 3:16.
"Wag niyong dinadaya ang DIYOS dahil hindi ka mananalo..."

John 3:16
God so loved the world, that He GAVE...
(same sentence. 2nd verb)
Now, I realized that indeed,
you can give without loving 
but you cannot love without giving.

It's high time to be financially smart as we approach a brand new 2013! -CMK
**This is an excerpt from my notes on Kuya Ed's talk entitled Make Money Stay.**     

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